Whats the point in maining a civ if you cant play it more than once in a tournament?

In sc2 we just main 1 race and to an extent, you have a fair chance as any race vs any race. (TvP ik guys but chill) But from what I’ve heard in Aoe games, there are direct counter civs. Because of this I assume that’s why they’ve adopted a multi-civ format in tournaments where you cant play the same civ twice.

Listen, this is giving me serious league of legends champion select vibes where the game starts BEFORE the game even starts, Also and more importantly it ruins “Main race/civ loyalty”. What’s the point in maining something if you can only play it once in a tournament, how many match ups are you going to have to learn??? Lets say its a Bo5 and you play 3 games with 3 different civs, that’s 3x8 matchups you’d have to know. Let alone understand each match up at a high level. That’s what makes sc2 so interesting is how deep the players understand a specific match up and their take on it, even if it doesn’t play to the races unique advantages.

Finally, because I know people are going to say “why does tournament format matter unless your a pro, besides you can main your race on ladder” From a viewers perspective, I think wed see a watered down version of each match up rather than proper planned series. And in my opinion would ruin player identity. Just imagine if buyn played protoss the next game LOL, he would not have so many loyal fans.

And from a players perspective, what do you guys think. Is “civ loyalty” a thing? or is it just me?

(I’ve put 70h into the game so far so I’m aware switching civs is easy compared to sc2 but that isnt the point.) (Also even with counter civs, I cant imagine more than a 54%wr advantage based off civ picks alone. 54% being instant nerf territory.)