Whats the point in pre-ordering the game

There is no benefit from it or any discount as far as I know.
Can someone explain me, why we should pre order it instead of waiting for the release and maybe get more infos?


If you play AoE2 DE you get the new Dawn of The Dukes DLC for free, so you are saving $10


ah jeah saw it in small letters :smiley:
but I don’t play it.

the same as pre ordering any game, not any real benefits


Usually, none, except for some gate locked content (pre-order bonuses).
For IV there’s a very nice bonus, mentioned (great!) DLC for AoE II:DE.

Preordering generally works for products with a limited quantity and/or special, collector editions that are very scarce and quickly get expensive after stock runs dry.
Code for a digital copy of a game? Not too much except supporting developers. But it’s always a gamble. Not so much here- after beta is obvious IV is not some scam or blunder :stuck_out_tongue:

For consoles maybe, but for PC market… I don’t like that biz side of publishing culture, centered around preorder/opening week sales. Games on PC have unlimited ‘shelf’ life and can sell for decades!
I get it, fiscal year, CEO bonuses etc. but it’s not great for devs or customers, both feeling a bit guilty because people not throwing away their money day1 fast enough :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign:


Yeah I pretty much treated it as a “discount” for the game.
The DLC is great! love the bohemains and polish. :smiley:


Paying for the dlc is better than this game with ‘‘the bonus’’

To show your support for the franchises?

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I preordered because I wanted Dawn of the Dukes for free and was going to buy AoE4 anyway. If you don’t play AoE2 or don’t see that as a worthy deal, there’s minimal advantages. Buying it now in case you don’t have money for later on release, maybe? It’s not like stores are going to run out of physical copies or anything. Overall, there’s a benefit, but it’s so minor that frankly I think that’s a good thing. This isn’t a predatory “PRE-ORDER TO GET ALL THE CONTENT AND EXCLUSIVE SKINS” horseshit scam. You get a cheap DLC for a game for free. Pre-ordering if you don’t care about that is basically little more than a “So I don’t forget later” deal, which is what all pre-orders should be.


Pre-orders are there to give the publishers a more direct way to see how well their marketing is doing.
It also helps their finances because they can plan their income better (unless a lot of people cancel their pre-order).

For the consumers there isn’t really any advantage. Some companies make small pre-order bonuses like the AoE2 DLC you get when pre-ordering AoE4.

With pre-ordering you are basically telling them that you trust into them delivering a good product.


I preordered to show my support for the AOE franchise. Here’s hoping they let us zoom out far enough to see trebuchets in action.


In the pre-order, do you get the physical copy or a download on release?

I am a collector.

You don’t get a physical copy. Im pretty sure you can only pre-order on steam or xbox gamepass. (software downloads)
You can contact a game store if you want a physical copy perhaps?

Usually if you preorder on Steam or whatever, you just get the same digital game. I don’t think a physical version has been announced, so there might not be one.

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I checked Amazon, there doesn’t seem to be a physical game. Sorry!

Back to the day, when there were physical versions of games with goodies, or collector’s editions and so… it was great, and pre-ordering was so common. Now I don’t see the point either.

I have been playing AoE since the very first one, it’s one of my favorite franchises ever, but so many things have changed with time. I did instabuy all the Definitive Editions on release because were top-notch remasters, and at least two of them were made by The Forgotten (the third I’m still not sure, main dev was Tantalus I think?), who are absolute AoE fans that truly care about the games.

But if I’m gonna invest 60€ (70$) in a game, I want to know if it’s gonna get more attention and content post-release. I know it most likely will (there are plenty of civs to be added), but I miss some kind of approximate roadmap here tbh. I like how Microsoft/Xbox is doing things these last years, I’m honestly positively surprised… but I still remember the nonsensical, traumatic Ensemble Studios closure and the Age of Empires Online failed experiment (thankfully Project Celeste is there).

I have to thank them for putting the game on GamePass on release, tho, since it will be the best way to test the whole vanilla experience and make a more contrasted decision.


Maybe its just the millenial of me, but I can’t imagine paying $ for something that isnt physically a possession

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Yeah these days they are so afraid about giving early access to the pre-order player
they waited 3months++ for the beta like this player cant be refund because of the 3months policies of steam

we are nearing the death of dvds.
thats just how it is unfortunately.
we’ve just moved on technologically, most laptops don’t even come with a cd drive anymore.

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Yeah I had a huge CD and DVD/Blu-ray collection for a long time, but nowadays I just try to get rid of all my physical media. It simplifies your life, which is nice.

Still got a 4K Blu-ray player though, so I can rent 4K Blu-rays on occasion.

For games, I accepted the digital switch much earlier for some reason. Go figure.

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