What's the point of leveling up as Asians and Americans?

What’s the point of leveling up as Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Lakota, Aztec, Inca, Iroquois and Swedes if they cannot unlock any customisation? What will we do with those extra level up and xp??


If the devs really cared about, and respected, Native American people, and wanted to show it in-game, they could have added Home City customizations. But nooooo, they decided to change their names to Haude-Icantevenrememberwhat-see and Lakota (which is a subset of the Sioux peoples).


The name change is nothing new! in 2005 these were the names that were in the game!

They just repackaged it, n presented it as “new” “researched” feature.

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well you get better with the civs and the opponent can gauge how good you are with that civ.

I agree that customization should be added and they probably are in the plans if this game does well enough.