What's the point of this subforum when there are literally no Devs here and no exchange with the community?

To help each other? Why should we? The devs got all figured out and instead of passing it on to the community how to do stuff, they leave us in the dark. Sure basic stuff can be found on the internet since that hasn’t changed but most here used Google before making these threads.

There is so much hardcoded stuff in this game that I would like to change like Class and Interface behavior because I literally can’t make another Unit next to a villager that builds custom buildings.
Nobody knows anything about it and the only people that would know are nowhere to be seen, don’t interact with the community, and just do their thing. So glad I didn’t buy any DLC’s

Anyway, maybe this thread is different, you can always prove me otherwise:

Why on earth, don’t buildings show up, I gave a specific Unit (any but “Builder”) a Building, by setting the train location of the building to said unit. I enabled the building, partly even set the “Available” tag in AGE and it doesn’t show up. Why is the Interface Hardcoded and not depending on Task (and the addition of Task Location) and what Units/Buildings an Object has been assigned as Train Location.?
Sure those preset are nice
But there should be a Generic Interface that orders depending on Task Location and Trainlocation

For instance:
I have 3 unique buildings that I want to give…idk a monk
Train Location of these 3 buildings are monk with Train Button 6,7 and 8
Tasks I have Repair with the not yet existent “Task Location Field” of 3 (so after convert/heal the repair button shows up)
Build Task has a Task Location of -1 because the Train Location handles it.

In short:
How can I make other units build any building other than the “Builder” Villager.
All interfaces overwrite Train Locations and all Interfaces don’t work.


I am confused as to what your question is, so I can answer it

Also, I am in the same position you are. We started the Citadel to mitigate this problem
Discord.gg/citadel Join us

If you aren’t Phillydelphia or Basse they don’t care about you

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only villager can build stuff, other than that you’d need some messed up thing to build buildings and even then, its undesirable.

look at serjeant thats probably the easiest way and what you probably need. they build buildings and are infantry.

It is not possiblle to make other units than villagers construct buildings. That is hardcoded.

And I assume there is no intention to make it softcoded? because It looks like for the Serjeants you already had to use a “Workaround”?
Would be really great. After all, one day, Microsoft will abandon aoe2 and then at least the modders can go mayhem. So I think softcoding as much as possible would really allow success past Microsoft support

For the Serjeant we did not use a “work-around” but created a new sort of unit type.
There are no plans to add this function to units that were not designed for this purpose.

Hi bassi,greeting. What’s your next campaign released? Looking forward to it.I WANT FE to release a new thing that AGE can do but scenario editor cannnot do.The types of attack and armor for units in the game in the scenario editor are already fixed,cannot add or delete types of the units. I hope FE groups can break this limitation that not only campaign makers can make more interesting campaigns for players but also it is a great historical change in AOE2,I HOPE THIS CAN BE COME TRUE IN THE NEAR FUTURE,thank you.

In reply to the OP, I agree and have tried raising some attention here and there but haven’t had much luck. There’s no good resource of info about the game aside from some old articles on the Heaven website and a bunch of scattered, although very specific info about filetypes and the such, but not much about basic modding or something like an introduction and getting started type of resource. There was some talk about creating a wiki for AOE2 modding but so far not much else has been done to get that going.

That coupled with the somewhat inconsistent replies on this official forum leave many people hanging and unless they have a very good reason to keep at it, makes alot of people just give up and move on. The stickies that do exist in this modding subforum are only there because I had caught one of the moderators attention for breaking the forum rules when I was also experiencing a bit of a crisis of frustration over the same issues you have described.

They aren’t really that helpful and the information is outdated or incomplete in some of them but they’re the best examples I could find on this forum and hopefully, if anything, give people a little taste of the “modding mindset” and also help demonstrate some good practices as well as have some useful info, but they are not enough.

I have all but given up on this forum, but if there’s a little bit of interest I’ll gladly try to share whatever I can and help in whatever way possible. A good modding and map community is essential to keeping the game alive and can introduce people to game development in a format that is familiar and usually well understood. We just need to consolidate some resources and try to tie everything that’s out there on the subject together so people don’t feel alone or that thier creative ideas and such aren’t possible or worth pursuing.

Indeed the information is too scattered or outdated to be of any help . Most of the things i try to mod is by trial and error (Some ideas that would be amazing to implement in my mods came out to be simply impossible and they didn’t seem too hard at first…its just that some simple conditions seems to be missing from the core of the game and others that existed got overwritten by the updates and the remakes). And that makes modding kind of random and it takes more time this way … at times it gets even frustrating. I would love to kind of help new modders with a more helpful site for modding info but my knowledge to this point is random and untrustworthy (plus i I am still a noob for now haha). Something that may have worked one day the other will break the game with no sane explaination to why it does so. I guess most modders have the same problems and thats why we can’t help our community by ourselves.

Also its extremely fun how tiny little twicks may break the game while something that looks huge will work just fine…

I wish there was a site with helpful informations to all the possibilities there are in modding.

See the whole concept of modding requires accepting 2 things.
First, the devs won’t help you, it’s a given.
Second, the game will not like your changes 98% of the time.

Now the thing that offsets these major obstacles is a good group of ppl with a strong desire to create something fun who are willing to take risks and also to share what they have learned. Sadly one of the effects of successful mod teams becoming paid developers is that people will start hiding thier discoveries and not share useful information or help others so they can be the best and have the coolest mods. I think this is partly why this forum is so dead, and mods in general are kind of a forgotten niche.

The indie game market sucks up a lot of prospective developers who can just use a cheap game engine dev kit and don’t need to work around the limitations of a finished game. Also the last decade or so has been very uneventful as far as real advancements in technology as most of the money in tech is going into social media and “mobile devices”. As a result the recent generations of “gamers” are essentially idiots who have been misled by this new wave of limitations and downgrades in software orchestrated by facebook, google, EA, and so on to eliminate the potential threats to thier monopoly of digital trash. My point is that most people aren’t even exposed to the world that cultivated the great modding communities that once were and anyone looking to get into developing anything have to deal with the endless list of obstacles placed in thier way by the recent tech trends.

The fact that google and facebook are considered “tech” companies is frankly disgusting. Yeah those are websites, not technology. They fall on the user side of that equation.

Oh god , yes , modding was once too big of a deal! Aoe2 , Warcraft , Morrowind, Oblivion, L2 custom servers those were the days for me, i enjoyed playing modded content so much!

Right, now the “in-crowd” of gaming has gone back into the hands of publicists with the rise of f-book gaming, etc and modding is all but forgotten about, especially if those resources are hosted on older sites that aren’t “optimized” for “mobile-devices”. It’s really sad.