Whats the time that each opening hits

Im going to practice some more and try to refine my openings on arabia so can someone tell me when the optimal timing that your attack hits the opponent, for:




Straight archers

Assume generic civ with no eco bonus so im not talking mongol scouts. Uptime in the most optimal pop

Survivalist made a video about this:

Timings of arrival at the opponent’s base from the vid:

Pre, postmill drush: 7:30, 9:30
I guess pre lumbercamp drush is civ dependent

M@A: 10:00 - 11:30

Scouts: 11:05 - 12:30

Straight 2 range Archers: 13:00 6 archers with fletching

Straight 1 Range Archers can be earlier, from experience w/o fletching a couple of archers can arrive 2 minutes earlier



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Tati rush minute 8 with triple range :smiley:

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Just keep in mind that just because your rush doesn’t hit the enemy exactly at the time suggested, doesn’t mean it’s failed, you can still proceed.