Whats with all the treadmill crane tinkering?

I dont get it? Are those worthwhile changes?

Seems like real random, byzantines britons etc get it, sicilians teutons removed?

Whats the justification?

Death Match
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They are not random changes, they are deadly [pun intended]
Malay, Byzantines and Britons are weak in Death Match, Teutons and Sicilains are strong, so, as Franks, Slavs and Khmer last year, they lost Treadmill Crane to get a slower start

I’m dying inside now.


it’s for deathmatch, deathmatch is started in the post-Imperial age with all techs researched, so it influences the start heavily.

One time techs like Sicilian or Burgundians have to be really awkward on DM. If you spawn a ton of free Sergents from the getgo which sounds busted