What's your Favourite Maps? (Poll)

(Multiple Answers Possible)

  • Real World Maps
  • Special Maps
  • Black Forest/Amazon Tunnel Michi
  • Arena/Fortress/Hideout/Hill Fort
  • African Clearing/Land Nomad/Mountain Pass
  • Islands/Team Islands/Archipelago/Pacific Islands/Migration/Sandbank
  • Baltic/Crater Lake/Mediterranean
  • Cenotes/City of Lakes/Yucatan/Salt Marsh/Team Moats
  • Coastal/Continental/Rivers/Highland
  • Crater/Acropolis/Kilimanjaro/Mountain Ridge/Seize The Mountain
  • Crossroads/4 Lakes/Scandinavia
  • Ghost Lake/Serengeti/Valley
  • Gold Rush/Golden Pit/Atacama/Wolf Hill
  • Golden Swamp/Volcanic Island/Coastal Forest
  • Lombardia/Mongolia
  • Alpine Lakes
  • Steppe/Bogland
  • Bog Islands
  • Budapest
  • Arabia
  • Mega Random
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Hamburger
  • Nile Delta
  • Nomad
  • Sorocota
  • Water Nomad
  • Ravines
  • Oasis

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(Sorry i couldnt add every map individually because the maximum poll option limit is 50)

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This isn’t easy to answer. I love Atacama but hate Wolf hill :thinking:


Anything besides arabia.


Looking back, i shouldve made wolf hill it’s own category

Then select your favourite 15 or so out of those, that arent arabia

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You combined too many options, for example I like blCk forest bit hate Amazon tunnel. Same goes for migration, love it, hate team islands

I couldnt split them up much more because the poll selection options number is limited, sry. I tried my best.

I love Arena but not fortress or hill fort. I love Islands and Team islands but not a fan of Archipelago, Pacific Islands, Migration and Sandbank