What's your most favorite campaign in Return Of Rome DLC?

  • Phyrrhus Of Epirus
  • Trajan
  • Sargon Of Akkad

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Would be nice if you can leave your comment for campaigns to your liking.

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I’ll start

By far I liked Phyrrus of Epirus. Didn’t saw Sargon Of Akkad yet. Tbh, Trajan felt somewhat disappointing. Mainly due to how low it was in scale compared to Epirus and Hadrian should’ve been a player instead. All campaigns are short in population size but by far had the most scalability and interesting theme.

Too soon to say yet, I only had time to play Sargon campaign. It was really good and well made, classic Build & Destroy gameplay with various missions where you get allies.

Except mission 4. There is something terrible wrong with mission 4 where you need to restart multiple times until you can start to counter maxed Catas without anything that can kill them AND only 25~30 villagers with 75 pop.

Mission 5 is a joke compared to 4.

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So far I only played Sargon and didn’t finish it yet. Didn’t watch streams, as I like to keep the surprise for when I play directly.
As @JordanEver said, Sargon’s fourth mission is quite difficult. Most of the gold of the map is difficult to access, one of your allies is stuck behind enemy lines and you lose if he dies, and you need some time and preparation to be able to take on the enemy bases. I expected the lack of control over villager’s production to be annoying, but it doesn’t cause much trouble. I think this mission would be way easier if camels had an Iron Age upgrade, though, currently they are wrecked pretty hard by civs with cataphracts even though they’re supposed to counter them. Next try I will go full hoplites + catapults, I think.

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I really don’t understand the gameplay in this situation.

What you gonna do against the full upgrade Catas…? Camels very inneficient and there is no other counter unit.

You need to keep trading with the Hoplite line that is basically the same power level as the Cata and all other units deal 1-2 damage to them.

Yeah, I guess this scenario would feel entirely different if camels had an Iron Age upgrade. The other solution would probably be to spam charriots, but with a 75 pop limit I’m not sure it’s an option.

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Or use priests to convert them. Haven’t played Sargon fourth one I have done only 1-3.

I agree that camels should receive iron age upgrade to be more effective vs iron age cav units.

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I’m amazed that anyone has had time to play through all the campaigns yet!

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Played all of them on Standard and liked them equally. Can’t say which one was the best.

They’re dynamic and fun. I remember finding original AOE1 ones really boring so the new ones are a major upgrade.


I finished scenario 4 on the fourth try (third time my allies to the north were rushed pretty hard, and with two ennemy camps on the way I couldn’t save them in time). I can confirm hoplite + catapults works pretty well but clearly this is by far the most difficult mission in this campaign and it probably shouldn’t be in a two sword campaign.

I finished all the campaigns and this scenario 4 was the hardest mission of all of the 3 campaigns (even harder than the last mission of Pyrrhus that is a 3 sword campaign).

Seriously, there is something wrong with this mission and they should have a look at it.

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All of the three were quite fun, but I think Pyrrhus was simply the best in almost every way.

I don’t understand the difficulty of the campaigns, they aresupposed to be 2 swords except Pyrrhus. However I think the Roman was quite easy and the other hand Sargon was by far the most difficult of the three.

In my opinion Trajan should have 1 sword, Pyrrhus 2 and Sargon 3.


What we needed was proper unit skins for key units and the heroes. Where is Trajan and Hadrian as proper distinct hero skins? Why is the Lugalzagesi of Uruk a centurion?

75 population really bothers me. It is impossible to have have economy, navy and army at the same time.

The 3rd Pyrrhus of Epirus is bugged, you cannot research Phalangite and Heavy Cav, which makes the mission barely possible. 4th Pyrrhus your population can exceed the limit to 150, which is another bug.

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It’s good, it’s similar to Saladin’s and Ivaylo’s campaigns…

Yes, it annoys you that it is limited to 50 pop in Trajan’s campaign, what is this? 1997?.. I imagined a campaign with 200 pop…


It’s not difficult, since you have 4 allies (3 allies and a neutral, which you can put as an ally to not attack him)… then you have 2 enemies: Elam (yellow) and the Elamite navy (red) (cleans up some ships and you would only have Elam left to sweep it little by little)…

I see it on Youtube, since I won’t buy the dlc until July xd…

A lot of gaming vice xd…

It wasn’t very difficult to overcome them either xd…

No, because Pyrrhus of Epirus faced more rivals and more difficult battles (hence they are called “Pyrrhic battles”)… Trajan only faced two rivals: Dacians and Parthians and Sargon, Sumerian and Hurrian cities and some important empire like the Elamites…

Hadrian has a skin, besides you already ask for a lot in a single dlc, surely they will correct it in future updates, don’t worry…

Yes, you can…you have 6 villagers per resource (that would be 24 in total), then 36 army (12 centurions,12 war elephants and 12 siege -heavy catapults or ballistas) and 14 navy (7 triremes and 7 fire galleys) and the unit you have left it would be Sargon (that you could use for scout or fight)…

Maybe it was designed like that, but it wouldn’t be strange to me if it was really bugged xd…

So you have not played this mission, but you can say to someone who did that it’s not difficult…
The map is far from enough to give you the informations you need. Your green and cyan allies mostly stay on their side of the map without doing anything and are barely able to defend themselves if you don’t take care of them, and the grey is only there to sell you catapult ships. Only the purple one will give you military help in the long run. But more importantly, you lose if either your green and cyan allies is defeated, and the cyan is cornered on all sides by yellow ennemies and will not be able to repel them for long on its own. So you need to build an army strong enough to destroy the yellow base at the center of the map and the one between the green and cyan to go help your ally, while still protecting your own base.

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It is not necessary, you can send villagers to build towers, barracks and stables at the green base and on the other side you send camels and villagers to the northwest (avoiding the yellow center base and destroying the ships in the north river basin with the camels) to do the same at the cyan base… you can also build siege workshops in both bases and destroy all the yellow base with 5-6 heavy catapults and 6 elephants from the stables little by little, yellow can only come from the north by land (you can stop them with camels and towers) or from the south by sea (you can stop it with some triremes and fire galleys)…if you need wood, collect it from the west side towards where your purple ally is or with the market…it’s my humble opinion. I clarify I didn’t buy the dlc yet, but it is the strategy that I would carry out based on what the wiki says and the little I saw by youtube and the mission map…

Protecting the Green isn’t a huge deal, but all the things you say necessitate gold, and the amount you can get from mining without having to deal with the yellow at the center or other enemy base is quite limited. You still have land trade, but your lines can be easily disrupted by enemies (and for some reasons, when I tried using trade cogs it didn’t work). Camels are useful until yellow get iron age cavalry, including cataphracts which camel’s anti-cav bonus are pretty useless against. In this scenario I think a hoplite + cata composition is the best solution, with some priests backing it.

Yes, it’s valid, too (considering that the Sumerians are an infantry civ)… I said camels and war elephants because they are fast in the case of camels and strong in the case of elephants to destroy buildings… .it is the technique that I usually use also in AoE 2, AoM and AoEO too, since the infantry is usually slower than the cavalry and they always stay behind it… in AoE 3 I have no problem with using infantry, since musketeers and shock infantry are good against cavalry and also because like AoE 2, mesocivs don’t have cavalry…

I’m talking about the difficulty of the campaigns themselves, not the historical context behind them. And the missions from Sargon’s campaign are my in opinion the hardest ones by far. I would even go as far as to say is among the hardest campaigns in the game

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