What's your (non-default) hotkey set up?

Hey, thought it would be fun to have a topic that could help people. Which hotkeys do you use that have helped improve your game?

The popular one I have is; bind select all TCs to space bar. Makes pumping out vils during a boom super easy. Don’t discuss this one, tell us yours and how it helps you.

~ = Next Idle Military Unit
TAB = Next Idle Villager
Ctrl+? = Select All ???

Select all TCs is an extra button on my mouse, same with Next Idle Vil. For each building, the units are ranked in order of most created, and then spread over the following keys in that order: A, S, D, F. The upgrades for those units then take the keys below, so Z-V, and the most common general upgrades take the top row of Q-R. There are variations and other stuff, but mostly things like that. It’s all about moving everything on to the left side of the keyboard, with optimum efficiency. Attack move for example is tab, as another important key.

Groups 1-20 are bound to 1234567890qwertyuiop
It works great for binding monks or individual siege particularly in the qwerty+ section.

Monk Micro: select all monks and bind to Q - afterwards use ctrl+click the monk portraits in the group listing to boot one out - then quickly bind to W - continue down the list for the full qwertyuiop for a good 10 monks - you may bind multiple monks to a single bind if wanted: now, the quickest way to convert is to load the monks into the binds, select all monks and then select to convert the nearest unit followed by the mass selection of the individual hotkey’s to get each monk on different targets while they’re still converting the first unit - if the monk has to walk and the opponent’s unit goes out of the monk’s line of site it resets the amount of time it takes to convert a unit, so be careful with distance

Instead of wasd as the main area it’s brought down to the szxc section just below it which brings the fingers much comfort and ease of use by being near ctrl and shift.

Unit Commands: Attack Ground = F, Economic Buildings = Z, Garrison = D, Repair = X, Ungarrison = D, Unload = D

Game Commands: Select all idle land/naval Military Units = ctrl-A, select all idle villagers = shift-C, select all markets = insert(numpad), select all trade carts/cogs = End(numpad), Select all Town Centers = S,

Cycle Commands: Go to Lumber Camp = Home(numpad), go to mill = Page UP(numpad), go to mining camp = Left(numpad), go to next idle military unit = A, Go to next idle villager = C, go to selected object = space(bar)

Villager Build: Farm = Z, Fish Trap = Z, Gate = N, House = V, Stone Wall = B
Mill: Tech: Farm upgrades = Right(numpad),
Mining camp: Tech: stone upgrades = Blank(shows up as blank, it’s 5 on numpad)
Lumber camp: tech: wood upgrades = Up(numpad)

delete all other hotkeys except commonly used ones - use your discretion but make sure no hotkeys will interfere with another or become confused with another while on a different building and so on

mouse wheel down = idle vill
mouse wheel up = idle military unit
mouse 4 (thumb) = go to TC