When AOE DE can update?


The big problem when I play online: Delay. How to fix it?


Impossible to fix. You pay a lot for that kind of stuff. QoS didn’t make the internet much better, it made traffic better sellable to the highest bidder.

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@Pakinheat8132 I flagged your posts as inappropriate. Learn nettiquette please.

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Steam and UWP aren’t compatible yet.
And the game wouldn’t be fixed by change platform.


this Update, I think all is better

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I fully agree with you. They are on the right track now. Also luring elephants has been fixed. Only some minor glitch left with the armored elephant animations after using the zoom function. Already reported in the bug report section on the forum.

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There’s also some puzzling changes to fonts, formatting and spacing of text and graphics in the latest update 10. Curious why FE felt the need to fix something which wasn’t broken. I’m hoping FE can simply undo changes.

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I don’t have problems with the current font, but it does change when disabling Anti-Aliasing option. Maybe these issues are only disturbing with 4K and screen larger than 27"? I’m still on Full-HD with 24" external monitor. So I can’t say too much about it. Maybe some people on 4K can test if enabling Anti-Aliasing makes it better.


Thanks for circling around and letting us know, @thanhtuk9acntt! The team is constantly working to implement improvements to the game. Don’t hesitate to spin up a new bug thread if you run into any other issues that haven’t been reported!

Thanks again! :+1: