When are Aztec Coyotes going to be buffed?

The more I use coyotes the more I think they are pretty good, you can spam them with little eco, especially with aztec mining since that card also gives extra yield on gold.

They do need to make contact but after the 2 upgrade cards they are faster then hussars and have the same range resist.

bonus is you can also put masses of them in defense mode which will pack them up really tightly and then you can just ram that right into an enemy formation and they will just shred everything.

With the increased selection limit its very fun ( though be careful about switching so many units to defense mode at once)

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I think you have no idea of the game, it is not at all appropriate to give an anti siege shield to a cavalry that already receives less siege damage because siege units always have a multiplier
(<a 1).

You also say it because you sure do coyote against a musketeer and falconet combo, that is clearly not the best option

They are fine as they are, no buff needed.

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I strongly think that, some Aztec units need a rework. That aside Coyote has 3 unique cards, for a unit that is weak, not historically prominent or important as plus.

I don’t know why not adding a simple bonus vs artillery like Inca Maceman (or whatever it’s named), when Aztecs bane is artillery, arrow knights have long range (longer than longbow and Yumi that’s funny), they take 2 pop and can’t even deal with them properly.

As for Skull knights they should be the unit to deal with several infantry due their AOE, but not being able to build them normally cripples this.

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Coyote Runner: Only need a x2 multiplier vs Artillery, then the unit is excellent.

Otontin Slinger: Very acceptable unit, unlike the strelet it has a good range.

Puma Spearman: Also very good unit, the only thing perhaps that could be reworked, is to give it the same approach that was given to the Mayan spearmen, that they use a javelin and become a musketeer.

Arrow Knight: Also very good unit, with good improvements available, the HP has already been increased to resist artillery attacks, although I think the best would have been to give them armor resistance vs. artillery.

Eagle Runner Knight: One of the best dragons in the game, only surpassed by the goon port and brit.

Jaguar Prowl Knight: They can say what they want about the JKP, but in real combat it destroys musketeers and cavalry, I am more than convinced that the changes it received recently are a great buff. I’m still in doubt if it needs a little more speed, but what it does have is very acceptable.

Skull Knight: Definitely the most powerful melee infantry unit in the game, what’s more, I would go so far as to say that once you get the necessary upgrades, it’s the only melee unit worth your time in the late game.

Tlaloc Canoe: I know it is not part of the land army, but you must admit it, it is the best ship in the whole game in every aspect and sense.

Conclusion: The Aztec army is very good, not the best of all, but excellent, change my mind.


Great idea! It would make them useful in the treaty.

With tolerance to the siege, they would not even need captured mortars. In fact they would be better since they also attack other types of units.

… And the coyotes with bonus and / or tolerance to the siege would make the Aztec army viable for the treaty. They don’t seem like drastic changes to me.

They could also have Apache allies as an infinite native card and enable the upgrade of ‘cavalry snail’ in the embassy to improve their reach by +2.

Also these suggestions so that the alliance with natives with firearms are just as competent as the native allies with Europeans.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea, think that if you do that, you are obliged to give the same ability to the chimus, kanyas and axe ryders. If we are going to help the Aztecs, let the benefit be minimal (because I consider that the civilization is already very well) and not be something unfair for the other 3 native civilizations.

With tolerance it would be sufficient (default tolerance). The cannons are the main weakness of the Aztecs.

It is the weakness of the 4 native civilizations.
The Incas have the same versions of units as the Aztecs.
Until the Iroquois reach Industrial, they are forced to launch suicide cavalry attacks to kill cannons.
And the Lakotas, similar to the Iroquois, but at least they have a BB that allows them to kill artillery more easily.


Speed is drastically reduced in this formation, so they better have some siege tolerance by default.

(I clarify that many of these suggestions that I propose are for the late game or the treated mode)

Agree with everything except the canoe, I’d say the chincha raft is better.

Coyote Runner:totally agree.

Thing is it’s tagged as light infantry (former shock infantry) thus cannons for exapmle have bonus vs them, while with hussars as being cavalry they don’t have a bonus. In other words cannons shred coyotes.

Otontin: it’s good, but for the unit it’s representing it’s underwhelming. Has low HP, low resistances, needs cards to be “acceptable”.

When it should be an elite unit, far stronger par with Skull knights.

Puma spearmen: Yes they are great, even better than euro spear, no giving them that would make them eagles.

Arrow: I agree they would use better resistance, but still why do they have more range than other civs with reconoissed world wide archers. Why do their “bolts” heavy arrows are anti artillery and have more range? Can someone explain please?

Eagle Knights: yes the are, but for being a Dragoon type unit it’s missing the artillery bonus.

Jaguar Knight: Yes the May seems like that, I got no problem with their damage, their rentability is the issue, they don’t reach their targets, it’s easy to kill them with artillery. And shy would anyone use musk vs them or vs Aztecs at all?

Skull knight: Yes they are pretty good, one of my favs. But the inability of building them normally it’s quite bad. Also they aren’t the best, full upgraded Dopelsoldner has great attack, full upgraded Samurai is even better, Hasta moto is even better.

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Nha, the canoe surpasses the raft in every aspect and sense, the raft only has the advantage that you can train more rafts than canoes.

Well, that is fixed by changing the cannons and giving them a negative multiplier vs shock infantry, but I see it as unnecessary.

For the cost - efficiency ratio is excellent, you do not need anything else.

For the convenience of the script.

This guy, like other guys, I just take out ashigarus, my JKPs annihilated them. (ELO +1600)

With the passive ability and the 4 metropolis buffs, they kill anything, although I’m not sure if they are capable of killing hatamotos, but the rest of the melee units lose.

They are quite even but a few things I think make the raft better, chincha raft has a higher ranged attack, though lower siege admittedly. Inca have access to a card that increases it’s speed and build time, another card which ships 3 and boosts it’s hitpoints by 20%, have access to improved warships in age 2 to buff the raft while aztec can’t even get the tlaloc until age 4, you can have chinchas with improved warships and more speed in age 2, more hp in fortress etc.

My opinion of course but as a long time water lamer I much prefer to have all of that available from age 2, very likely I need to fight for the water before age 4 and aztecs other ships are nothing special. Vs other civs they have water dance of course but inca can just match that if needed. Inca fishing boats can also be really good with armed fisherman, to give them an attack, market tech for more hp and alpaca wool gives them way more hp and armor, your fishing boats will beat their canoes and war canoes easily and also resist warhut damage and can easily siege any warhuts/ docks along the coast. It’s quite entertaining, no one expects it.

acabei de perde um jogo pra japão meu oponenente tinha 30 yumi eu tinha 20 coyotes tentei atacar com coyotes e perdi todos para os yumis e inacreditavel como essa unidade e fraca

Ah I see, sorry for my ignorance at this point hahaha

Anyway, he thought that an Aztec has many tools in a didactic way, I would not like at all that they buff the coyotes because they already have a good considerable damage, Even if you put an Aztecs in trouble with the musketeer-falconet combo, the Aztecs can ambush you with the jaguars when doing the combo and I say it from experience that it works, another thing that coyotes have that receive less damage from their counter, like dragons and musketeers have a slightly lighter multiplier against light infantry

this is wrong. cannons do not have a multi vs coyote


In my opinion coyotes should have it’s multiplier vs artillery buffed by 1.5x OR it’s base hp +5 for a total of 160 hp. This would bring it in line with the 2 pop 320 hp hussar, while coyotes are slightly more expensive when combined compared to hussars at 85 food 25 wood/coin x2 = 170 food 50 wood/coin, they also do more damage when combined 18+18=36, but are also slower. Overall coyotes could use a slight buff to deal with skirms better but nothing drastic imo. Imperial coyotes with 160 hp, cap at 352 hp, half of most imperial hussars with upgrades at 704 hp. Aztec coyotes should be more competitive vs Inca chimus that’s why +5 hp will help in the late game where it takes an Inca chimu 8 shots to kill a coyote, the coyote takes 9, it’s also slower, no special ability like no snare, and it’s more expensive than the chimu, that’s why a +5 hp is the way to go.

I believe that no cannon has a negative multiplier against cavalry and shock infantry. Except for the Ottoman bombardment. Someone clarified it for me in another forum.