When did the portuguese lose access to the 4 mameluks card?

I have played the portuguese for a long time since the release of the original game in 2005. FF with caçadores/dragoons was one of the most common strategies back then. In this settings, the 4-5 mamelukes card was a staple of the portuguese age 3 play, as it was very efficient to clean up masses of light infantery.

For some reasons, I have been avoiding the portuguese in DE (at first because of the dragoon appearance bug, and after because of my interest for New-France). The new portuguese guard unit skins motivated me to play again the portuguese.

But where the hell is the 4 mamelukes card ??? Why was it removed ? It was so important for the portuguese. Was it discussed somewhere ?

I also question the addition of useless cards (the constable, +15 % damage/hp melee infantery and huss), which is a huge nerf to the dragoon combat card that used to boost hussars. This hurts the usefullness of portuguese hussars in normal settings.

hi there is a few reasons, even if i also dont agree with them:

  • port FF on DE maps is safer and thanks to feitoria fast, making ports very easy to abuse in some matchups to turtle boom every game. so devs feared it and removed stuff like 4 mams (was reducved in DE from 5) iirc last year when we got 3 organs and pistoleers instead. i dont like it either and it ruined about 10 years of ports preference but it is what it is
    -constable, plus death of hunt bonus and no mams pushed ports from a more flexible civ to halb organ civ. in this regards its slightly better than old goon combat. it doesn’t really hurt port huss outside of teams where you might focus only on stable. It does make goon combat less auto take early age3 but again, the mobility for which ports excel has been killed a bit so you can…be like everyone else with heavy infantry organ. this is preference but infantry and the siege from new organs plus halbs does allow ports to not get btfo by say malta or a fort on their mid map.

The old port style of water boom, semi ff, or ff and pray then use mams plus cass/goon(or huss husk) to tank. snare, and reestablish map control is gone. Now its 10/10 into organ/bubble wrap. its less dynamic but perhaps with buffs to organs and feitorias more fair. But its reduced the ways a civ once very flexible can be played, even if you can sill open huss semi ff its just not (very) viable into most meta today.

Honestly, ive just accepted this civ is left behind and play italy like i would have old ports (plz fix forts btw) where i can get good flexible civ and even my good goon (shiavone swords on goons is sleeper deadly) and fast skirm as well as many options of a boom or age2 play water etc.

Historically speaking Mamelukes were Portugal enemies. They were never allies or mercenaries for ports.

There has been a pletora of posts asking for a few port changes, but like the prvious user said, its kinda abandoned

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