When Franks, Britons, Mayans, and Chinese are going to be nerfed?

Is kinda lame that this patch isn’t doing anything to nerf the OG OP arabia and TG civs (But I guess because this one is focusing on some bad UTs), however, I just wish next patch nerf once at all that civs, and the same goes to Turks and Poles on Arena (Is also lame Bohemians were nerfed but Turks and Poles don’t) as well Vikings on Water maps.


The reason Bohemians got nerfed and Teutons, Poles and Turks weren’t is that Bohemians are even more oppressive. Teutons need a Monk nerf, Turks need Elite Janissary buff and Castle Age Janissary nerf. Nerfing Poles would result them being very underwhelming on Arabia.

Franks need to have the Cavalry HP bonus removed from Feudal Age and (This is what an S tier civ deserves) probably lower the Castle discount.

I would nerf Chinese by removing Heavy Camel and lowering the Technology discount a little bit.

Mayans need their discount reduced to 5/15/25 % in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

Britons need to have their TB halved because it is broken in Team Games and make their Imperial Age extra range locked behind Yeomen.

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probably not at all, since they are fairly well balanced in 1v1


Were Teutons nerfed, Need they a Nerf?

Well if you check their WR on Arena and Closed Maps is always like 58% WR for all ELO and even the same for above of 1600 ELO.


Is widely discussed reduce Flowark collected food to 5% and allow Folwark to garrison 5 villagers, also, the Castle age UT needs a new direction, and Obuch need a nerf.

The first one is fine, but I always wanted to chnage the Chivalry effect (btw 40% faster working stables for 192 HP paladins is broken).

Just nerf the technologies discount bonus maybe, don’t know what is the achievement of removing Heavy Camel.

I would rather remove the extra range in Imperial (They still will have supreme Xbows with 8 range, but it won’t carry on to Imperial Age) and buff the Longbow range to offset that so in fact people is now pushed towards longbows.

Are you sure?


Thats a terrible idea. Just nerf their military options before doing stupid stuff like that or remove the last farming tech


Devs always choose to avoid aggravating their audience. Lack of authority.
That’s why TG situation is so chaotic, that’s why we have the worst Arabia gen we’ve ever had, that’s why Chinese, Mayans, Franks are still broken, that’s why we have inflation in ELOs, that’s why we have civ pickers on the ranked ladder which we never used to have.

It’s the wild west of morals once you decide to avoid governing your own game.

Britons and mayans are nerfed together archer civs thanks to the nerf to attack move micro

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can you explain what’s changed in detail please? never heard about that

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balance changes will be ineffective because the game is just set up wrong

if you nerf one single-unit civ, then the next single-unit brainless strat will just take its place

nerf mayans and people pick britons to spam archers. nerf britons and people pick chinese to spam archers. nerf chinese and people pick ethiopians to spam archers.

it. never. ends.

the only solution is to stop letting people pick where they spawn

viking nerf was especially pathetic because it didn’t even fix anything. they’re still a required pick for water teamgames. all it does is punish people who play random civ if they get vikings on arabia

Basically, there will be no difference between patrol or attack move, as it is shown in this video.


This would make easier for knights to deal with atchers

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It can help but Archer Line overall is too easy to stack in small spaces.

Also that only drops the Britons/Mayans OPness by 1%.

You must be kidding right? Those civs are nearly impossible to win against when you don’t have one of those civs yourself. The net worth of bonuses they get is much higher than other civs and they have powerful military options. Most open map 1v1 and TGs are played with those civs. They’re the top drafted civs on almost all S Tier tournaments. How can you consider that balanced?

The question is how to nerf them? Because in 1v1 they are balanced pretty well and most suggestions don’t adress why they are being picked.

Franks: HP bonus in Feudal Age is a good bonus for several reasons and should stay → it is only +9HP, meaning three more hits from archers and one more hit from spears (like Sicilians). You can almost always make a spear blindly or small wall and the scout rush doesn’t do anything. So that’s not the area that should be adressed.
Likewise the castle bonus isn’t too powerful as a standalone bonus. It is powerful because Franks have a small advantage in every age that snowballs pretty easily.

Personally I would take away their berry bonus to shift their power potential to the mid-early late game and give it to the Malay.

Britons are perferct in 1v1 and I don’t mind the camel change for Chinese.

Mayans are tricky. They are basically the best civ in the game until post gold compositions, but I don’t know how to adress them correctly


tbf, it is kinda blatant at this point that archers as a unit line is stronger than anithing else so maybe what could help is a little nerf to all archer play, even if that could throw the balance a bit and would be risky

It does end. Obviously they’re going to pick some civ to spam archers or knights. Civs like Japanese, Portugese, Byzantines, Italians give them some advantages but not too much. The bonuses from Mayans, Britons, Ethiopians are just too strong compared to what competing civs offer. Once upon a time Huns were the strongest civ and nothing else could compete in Arabia. So everyone always played Huns war. Once the CA discount was nerfed, they’re still a good civ but many other civs can compete with them. That’s how it should be.

That’s not possible. The reason players pick these civs is because of the imbalance. If one of the team gets these civs and the other team doesn’t it would be a huge civ advantage for the team that gets it.

Vikings was too too strong and popular on open land maps like Arabia, Runestones both 1v1 and TG at higher level. They could potentially hit imperial age much faster than opponents because of the huge eco bonus and were nearly unstoppable in RBW series and a top pick on all tournaments till the nerf came in. After the nerf they were still picked often in Kotd-4 but their success rate was much lower compared to before. It was a good nerf.

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Franks to me are borderline. I would say at best you can give someone else the farm bonus and compensate by tuning the berries. I am not that against franks.

Not sure if britons really need a nerf. They are clearly in a good spot especially in TG, but if you want to nerf this, you should reduce the range which would be terrible to me


Chinese are clearly in need of attention. Borderline OP UU, Borderline OP eco and tech tree. Some of these should be clearly addressed.

Mayans have:

  • archer discount
  • plumes (maybe the best UU in the game)
  • super eco
  • extra vill at start
  • eagles
  • UU providing a huge boost like +66%hp

I could continue… at the price of missing the stable… I would remove at least one of these huge advantages. Like give the archer discount to another civ. Or remove the lasting longer res to food source and give it to another civ.

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Franks lose berry bonus, Mayans lose longer lasting food sources (sheep, hunt, farms), Britons new TB sheep + 2 line of sight or something similar, Chinese who knows.



Why would teutons need a nerf, lol. They are only strong on closed maps and it’s not like they are uncontested top tier there.

You want to nerf spanish/malians/persians as well because they are strong on nomade?

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It migh be too much, but fine. I would actually remove the farm one. That would be more balanced to me

Ok this might work

This is one of the few briton nerf I might accept. As TB, something else applied to archery ranges can work (extra los)

Eco nerf. Like hit the tech discount and the CKN cost