When Is Mexico and Malta Getting Nerfed? Asking For a Friend

Mexico and Malta are the 2 most OP civs ATM. Soldado is like a god unit most OP I’ve seen maybe ever. Just hoping Devs nerf them soon.

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Lol neither of those civs are OP, both are average tier civs.


Mexico seems fine to me, what do you think is op about them?
The Maltese wall and arbalester spam is pretty toxic…
Not sure about the civ’s overall performance but arbalesters seem to stack too many upgrades if you ask me, I wish their range would be nerfed if anything.

Let me guess your main civ :thinking:

Maltas performance in KOTOW was well below average, italy performed far better of the 2 new civs. Arbalesters are fine, the civ has no skirm so they are forced to invest many cards in xbows in order to buff it to that level, cards that other civs can use for units or resources. No different to dutch with 3 infantry combat cards or haud with the same. Skirms can get more upgrades because they benefit from more techs in the arsenal as well.


Have a guess then, don’t leave me waiting.

Ottomans and Italian. You’re in pretty much every comment board giving a contrarian take on almost everything. You most likely turtle every game. But send a pic of you CIV levels if im off.

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@OriginalKnot717 @ThatsGoldJerryy Guys, I ask you for a respectful discussion please.


No, USA and recently a bit of Malta. I may not agree with everyone but I try to make informed posts.


Personally I do not know why the fixed gun does 0.2x damage against culverins and mortars while having the same range as them in the age they are unlocked. I get why it does 0.2x against falconets, so that it can be useful against a 2 falconet push. But why should it do half decent damage against the units that should hard counter it? especially when it benefits from the 2% hp from each card? Even if it doesn’t kill the culverins it can weaken them to the point where they can get one shot by Malta’s culverin that tanks 3 hits.

I think it should have a 0.5 multi against culverin and mortars making it do 0.1x of it’s base damage (keeping the damage to falconets) If the 28 range in age 3 Sebastopol mortar has the same damage and does 0.1x vs culverins I don’t see why the fixed gun shouldn’t do 0.1x vs culverins as well.

A la artilleria fija deberian quitarle el tag de edificio para que aguante un poco más y tambien bajarle el costo de pop en 1 o 2 ya que son muy costosas e inutiles a largo plazo.


I think we should be able to use the long ranged attack on units.

you havent seen fully upgraded hoop throwers and sentinels…a menace!

I have because I play malta lol sentinels are good stats for their price but pop heavy which is the downside, they aren’t worth 2 pop based on stats. Even after sending the age 4 card for 45% more stats and 45% more cost they are still worse than soldados.

Fire throwers are great at what they do, they are what grenadiers should have been but they still lose to their counters just a few cavalry clean up a mass of them.

Estaría bueno, de esa manera la caballería nativa (Axe rider, Kanyas y Chimus) se lo pueden bajar mas fácilmente.

By Mexico and Malta, you mean India and Hausa, right?

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