When is next patch coming?

Just take the 2x shipment bonus from them (you Can adjust some of the cards like 700w and 700f and 700g.
But this would force them to have a normal deck and not BE able to make some drastic pushes

Also, one monk with twice the power would be nice and would negate the shrine spam, while maintaining its power

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Honestly i never quite understand the double shipment thing that japan has.

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Japan is too OP . I hope they buff Russia a little bit.

They won’t abandon the game after only six months, I think they are preparing a bigger update. Probably they’ll make an event for San Patrick (17th March) and drop the update in next week.

Will you be able to see musketeers transformed into elves? Hmm, I don’t know, but it would be nice if Haqur got an Irish voice.

Countries where aoe2 appeared but did not appear in aoe3 are Persia and North Korea.
In terms of business considerations, these two are very possible, but I support the Kingdom of Siam.

When something happens, the Japanese will follow the previous corresponding method.
If it doesn’t work, the new method will be considered.
So it will happen at least twice. haha

We’re not getting anything as substantial as a new civ for free nor should we.

If they add new civs it will be payed DLC like lords of the west

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I know we won’t get any new civ for free, but that would be nice. Only Asia did not get a new civ in DE.

And I think the Persians have priority in adding a new civ for Asia. Later on the Siamese. And then it’s hard to say, but rather Koreans and maybe Tatars with Vietnamese.

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They said the next update, the one we are waiting for, was a smaller one. For some reason it is taking longer than previous “bigger” patches

I’d love to see Persians added. :slight_smile:

Hopefully we get a few DLC for this game.

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I also hope that we will get some DLCs for this game, but it would be nice to get a bonus, e.g. Persians. 4 new civs were added to AoE 2 DE at once, I was hoping that we would get a similar amount to AoE 3 DE in the base version. Swedes and Incas are cool, but that’s not enough …

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I tweet at FE, Tantalus and AoE as much as I can that we want more content for the game. Just hope Microsoft sees incentive to invest more in the game. I hope but I’m dubious at the same time.

Ever since AoEIIIDE released people have been requesting more civs so maybe just maybe. It would be a shame if all we got were two new civs. Maybe more intended but COVID put a damper on it.


I would also love a few new civilizations in the game.

On the other hand there is still so much in this game to polish that I would prefer developers to focus on that for the next months. I’d rather have well balanced, bulletproof game with bunch of QoL features with 16 civs than 20 civs and complaining about new and old bugs.

But of course, we can hope for having both :slight_smile:

I was shocked that they did AoE 2 DE DLC at all (I mean, I knew that if they did any DLC, AoE 2 would get it first). Then I had hope that there could be a DLC for AoE 3 DE. In my opinion, it is AoE 3 that needs more new civilizations than AoE 2. Besides, AoE 3 is easier - it concerns the age when great empires appeared. It only needs 4 new European civs (Italians, Poles, Austrians and Danes) to fill the gap.
Other regions should receive at least 4 new civs (Africa at least 5 because it was not there in the basic version).

AoE 2 has got stuck in its plethora of civs - it just has to do a lot so as not to hurt other civs for not being represented in the game. Western Europe is already mapped sufficiently there, but Eastern Europe still needs love:

  • 1-2 new umbrella Slavic civs - (so that each of the Slavic subgroups has its representation. The current Slavs represent only the Rus. It is not allowed to represent all Slavs)

  • 1-2 Caucasus Civs - Georgians and Armenians

  • Romanians

I will not present other regions because it is Eastern Europe that is most neglected by everyone. Which doesn’t mean I don’t want new civs from other regions;)
Before the “Lords of the West” was released, I hardly thought about new civs for AoE 2 (at most about the above civs).

That’s why I think that since the DLC for AoE 2 DE was created, they should also be created for the rest of the games in this series (AoE 1 DE probably killed the developers, I don’t want the same thing to happen to AoE 3 DE).


AoEIII civs are more labor intensive than AoEII ones. But yeah, if we get a Euro themed DLC and a African one with Persia thrown in somewhere I’d be quite happy. Some are speculating AoEIIDE is getting more DLC down the road. We just have to let them know directly that we want more AoEIIIDE content.


In my opinion, the developers should present us with a roadmap for the development of the game. Just seeing the mysterious DLCs would give me luck.

Maybe we should ask the creators for it?


Seeing as March is halfway over I hope we receive a communication from the devs this week if no update is released.


Please check out the new update released today: