When is Ottomans Civ playable?

Title. I heard it starts next month PUP, but what exact time?

October 25th.officially announced

Malians will come on October 25, Ottomans will come next week in preview update.

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next week ? oh boy oh boy , cant wait !

“Not sure if you can wait that long? No worries! Next month, you’ll have the chance to get hands on experience with the Ottomans, Malians and loads of new content as part of our next Public Update Preview (PUP).”
Read this line from the announcement

Wait really? Where did you hear than from by the way?

They said next month but not if it starts directly in september. Where did u get the info that it is next week already?

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I am crazily hyped for this 11
Man i wanna blow up everything with great bombards !!! xD

I cant wait to try the new civs

It’s going to be absolute destruction man, can’t wait!
That’s a reason I like team games, they usually go all the way to age 4, and more strategic variability.

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Date of final update . Not PUP haha…

Because PUP always last for over a month , so if they said september and update is on october , they surely need more time to polish with feedback ottomans and malians . SO the first weeks of september PUP should be HERE .


They already are finishing testing for new PUP!

So maybe next week… :eyes:

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