When is the dawn of dukes coming out?

is there any exact date?

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No exact date. They said in August. I assume in the first half if they are aiming for a six month release of these smaller DLCs.

damn, all the way to august just for some 2 new civs and minor changes

Well we did receive a new DLC 5 months ago. It used to be about 1.5 years for 4 civs and 4 campaigns. Now it’s 2 civs and 3 campaigns every six months or so. That means 4 civs and 6 campaigns every year.

Patience is a friend. :wink:


First will be the July “Summer Jungle” event, then surely after that we will get a teaser video.

I just dont really care about the new DLC. I am waiting for the next patch, which bring EW to ranked. It is already announced more then a month ago and based on that announcement i expected it around end May / begin June. It is already the end of June and it might even become July.

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