When is the new update for this game? (to developers)

Dear developers,
When will there be a new update and new event for this game? I can’t wait to get new stuff for this game…
I am also waiting for the update and a new event for AoE 2.

I bet the next update will be focused on Haudenosaunee and Lakota as well as on a solid polishing of the North American (Minor Nations) content and replacing the US and Mexico Revolutions with some other revolutions.

The next DLC is a complete mystery. Looking at the US and Mexico, we can expect similar civs from South America, but it probably won’t be too soon. Is now the time for the Middle East? Or maybe for Europe? These two areas don’t have any maps at the moment and I think these are the most interesting directions for this game (aside from Africa and postcolonial America as they have already been touched on in this game with previous DLCs - still a lot of nice civs are missing from there, but that’s not what I mean now ).

The Near East DLC could add a completely new civilization group and thus completely new mchaniki and more cool things. In addition, a lot of new maps from the area that is not in the game, despite the presence of Asia in the game. The Persians & Arabs (Omani Empire) + potentially Tatars (Turco-Mongol civ) are the perfect pair of civs for a Middle East focused DLC.

A European DLC could eventually add European maps, which may be puzzling due to the presence of only European civs in the vanilla version X D. In my opinion, it would be difficult to create good maps for the whole of Europe right away. I think that two European DLCs (as well as two Asian DLCs: the Middle East and the second DLC) would be useful so that the creators had even more time to refine these maps and that they could earn their work because they would have to create everything from scratch, as in the case of the African DLC. The new European civs would be non-colonial empires that were powers on the European continent and more than once took advantage of the colonial powers being concentrated in overseas territories. European DLCs would add a whole lot of new content for this game that could be of interest to anyone. In general, the European DLC would have the potential to be the largest expansion in the history of this game considering completely new horizons, previously this game did not cover. These DLCs could also pour some love into old boring European civs, and also make some of them more attractive because they are hopeless - Ottomans and Germans. Austria-Hungary, Danes, Italians, Poland-Lithuania and Prussians are the last European great powers not present in this game. The Ottomans and Germans would become non-colonial civs (which would mean increased immersion and more attractive, more historically and culturally compatible content for these civs). The Danes, by virtue of being a colonial power, unlike the Germans and Ottomans (who were more focused on old world expansion), would be a colonial civ power.

The second Asian DLC would focus on Siamese and Koreans + other Asian civs, e.g. Burmese. It would be the icing on the cake of Asian content in this game and complement to The Asian Dynasties DLC.

In the case of postcolonial American civs and African civs, I just hope to keep improving these ideas. From post-colonial American civs, they should definitely become counter-legal civs: Brazilians, Gran Colombians and Argentines - these civs would then cover every geographic direction with the Incas and would be a nice finish to the South American void. Africa and I hope that it will simply get more of what it already has to offer - Moroccans and civs from the broadly understood South Africa, e.g. Congolese and Mutapas. I would also like to double the African Minor Nations and South African maps.

I would like to thank you, dear developers, for your hard work and time in developing this game. I hope you will provide us with another hundreds of hours of great entertainment (including with new content :wink: ). This game has tremendous potential and I hope you will make the most of it, which will be perfect for both you and us players.


i mean it looks like were getting a new patch soon based on the SteamDB:


so hopefully some nice info in there :slight_smile:


Relax with new content, the game need balance fixes first


relax? game gonna die if no new civs! bring thm now!


El juego morirá antes si no está equilibrado, es mejor mantener a los jugadores que quedan y luego atraer a más.

Balance, UI, IA, errores en los mapas, las formaciones, the pathfinding, las listas de amigos y un largo etcétera antes de nuevas civilizaciones.

Los devs deberían haber hecho todo eso antes de meter a México, ya que las naciones africanas todavía no estaban (ni están) balanceadas


Well, the game will die if it is unattractive to players and that’s why balance comes before new civs! :sweat_smile:

Anyway: What the purpose of having new civs for the sake of having new civs if you don’t enjoy them? :neutral_face:

This game had 15 civs for 15 years and ran smoothly. Why are you folks fed up with 6 brand new civs released over a 12-month period already?


Alright let’s make a compromise: at least new maps, new scenarios and new cards for old civs.
Can wait a while for new civs.


Yes new civs are cancer to this game right now. There’s more than enough variety as it is.


for me its not so much that i am feed up, its that the choices made on the civs has been at best a bit hit or miss.

Inca, swedes and Ethiopia are all worthy additions (even if i dont play much africans/inca), im just not so sure i agree the same applies to the USA and mexico in particular.

i guess it comes down to what people are looking for in a civ, i both want something that is historical relevant and i want something that is fun and newish.


I wouldn’t expect a new civ until at least April or May so that gives the devs some time to work on the game before anything new comes along. In other words be patient and don’t fret.

This isn’t a either/or thing.

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PUP is coming.



How can you tell? Looks like jibberish to me but I’m not a computer whiz :slight_smile:

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Because it says the green part it’s a update preview lol


There is so much more that they can add to this game as well as DE2, we are waiting with great anticipation devs.


If it is time for a package to the Middle East, the essential thing would be to correct the architecture and units of the Ottomans, and add at least the Persian civilization


Maybe not a Middle Eastern focused DLC but an Islamic one containing Persians and Moroccans?

I’d love to see both civs.


Balance first please, we have 6 new civs in 1 year, I think thats enough by the moment


I fully want them to keep the same cadence of new civs.

For each civ they add the game becomes worse balanced. AoE3 doesnt need 30 civs as AoE2 has


When it’s fing ready.