When is the next update and why no news?

Seems like it has gone silent. No news updates on web page. Any bug fixes soon? Tired of sending two villagers to collect a deer and one stands there till the other moves when it clearly has space and should harvest perfectly fine!

they are keeping the fixed silent from many months now.

No one will improve or fix this game if nothing change, they onyl fix a big bug with windows 10 release in 10 months

is something but is true, is almost abandoned.

If we keep telling that when they’ll announce AoE DE 2 (if not abandonned?) on every news, maybe they’ll reconsider it…

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Maybe AOE DE already is dead?
I mean maybe they didn’t get back the investment and now decided to stop with AOE DE. I’m afraid there will be no AOE2 DE, AOE 3 DE and AOE 4.

This is utterly disappointing. AOE 2 HD edition did GREAT on steam. Screw you microsoft. You screwed us so hard on this game. You should have released it on steam, you would have made your money back. but noooo, had to go windows 10 only, and that is why I even got windows 10, to play age 1 de. You should have put it on steam, you should have made your money back, and you should have had constant bug fixes. I cant believe you abandoned this game. No news on page, last news was wooloolooo wednesday in october. How could you do this microsoft :frowning: im sad.

I maintain that AOE DE’s lack of a Steam release had little to do with its lack of impact. I promise you that the Steam market would have had the same problems with it that many here do. Namely:

  1. The fact that it is a far more archaic game system than AOE 2 HD. I don’t care what the high-level tournmanet players say, the game design of AOE 1 is antiquated at best, unusable compared to AOE 2, AOM and every single following RTS at worst.

  2. It was never built to be a crown jewel of a product. It was meant as something akin to a collectors edition; a game for nostalgic fans to celebrate the franchise. The fact that they stuck so ardently to the original design principals in the face of modern game design is a testament to this. This isn’t a criticism; they had an intent in mind, and they went through with it. Bravo to them, they did it well sans bugs. Point still stands though; a more public market like steam would have invited nothing except non- AOE gamers coming in and crying about how it “SUCKS BECAUSE ITS NOT STARCRAFT” (which, as some may notice, people do here too…).

I disagree for the 2) there are still bugs, missing features, things just removed ‘to test’ they forgot to send back, the game is unfinished.

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Oh fair enough on the point of bugs. I won’t deny that the end quality shouldn’t have been higher. However, fact is that such bugs in a final release for a AAA game are hardly unique (I am not excusing it though, I want better too…). My only point was that the accessibility of the market place AOE DE is out on has little actual bearing on why it’s not setting the world on fire right now.

Even if it was released out on a bigger platform than the Windows store, even if it was released on Windows 7, heck even if they had a ■■■■ Switch version of the game, it would still come down to the same bottom line; this is NOT a modern RTS by its very design, and it is not meant to grab new players beyond the tickle of nostalgia or curiosity. Even if all the bugs were to be fixed right this very moment, it would still not address some core mechanics in the game that hold it back.

This is all part of why I’m so hopeful for AOE 2 DE. It’s a far more playable RTS even in this day and Age. Thanks to the refinements of the HD series, it’s even managed to attract new players. Heck, I managed to get a bunch of my friends here into it, and they weren’t even gamers before.

Would a Steam release benefit AOE 2 DE? Maybe, insofar as hooking into Steams connection systems and social stuff. However, I think its more important that they simply get the game itself running properly on release. If its of a high enough quality level, I don’t think people will resent the call to buy it off of the Windows store quite as much. AOE DE was a hard sell because of its bugs and niche-appeal. That combo simply made it easier for people to rage about the chosen store front.

The game is still buggy beyond belief I play almost every day online and I see something every time I play. This still feels like a beta release which would be totally fine if it was.

We can root all day for AoE2 DE, but some of us (like myself) don’t care for that game. I’m an old school pc gamer from the 90s and Rise of Rome was my go-to, tried AoE 2, liked it but didn’t like it enough to stop playing RoR. This game AoE DE was my most anticipated PC game in probably a decade and it disappoints.

I’d rather they spend some more time fixing issues, especially multiplayer-related then put money into new projects.

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@mausermark I can totally appreciate where you’re coming from. Though I still maintain that AOE 1 as a game system is a harder sell now than it was by the time of AOE 2 (and even next to that, it was a hard sell for many), I can completely get that it had differences that some might have preferred. Also should note; I’m a pretty old school roller myself, started out with AOE 1 too, but I was very young at the time, and never got into online play back then. Also, I’m a sucker for the medieval period, and more precise unit controls.

Honestly, for me personally, that’s been the number reason why I have a hard time sticking with AOE 1 DE, and why so many of my gamer friends haven’t shifted from 2 to 1 lately. I’m not even talking about formations per say (though that would have been stellar). It’s the awkward behavior controls that either have units standing ground (till you give them -anything- else to do) or going berserk. I know, this was part of the original and thus wasn’t changed, but I still feel like it’s one of those improvements that could have made the title feel a little more up to date and usable.

For good or ill however, the plan was always to hammer out the DE’s one after the other. I suspect that the one delay they faced to release this one was more than they had initially intended to put up with at all, thus the lack of anything more solid beyond a couple of minor fixes. Mind, I personally agree with you… as much as my hopes are on AOE 2 DE, it would have inspired more confidence to see this release given a little bit more love before being left in a corner.

I think job isn’t easier for bringing AOE 2 HD to UWP, something I expected already. It doesn’t matter imho. Let them take all the time they need to finish a balanced and polished product. Problem is also that AOE 2 HD has certain issues on Windows 10. I noticed recently shocking not so smooth unit movement playing the missions of the Age of Kings. Steam and modding of the engine changed a lot of code too. AOE 2 HD really differs a lot from first AOE 2 AoK original with Conquerors expansion.

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Still no news on the MAIN Age of Empires page since October Wololo wendesday. Still no news… Sick of 0 wood trees that waste my villagers times, dead animals blocking buildings, and villagers still standing there without gathering when there is plenty of space…

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You are missing my point Einifar. I was refering to steam releases so more players bought the game to fund UPDATES. thats all i want, UPDATES. Fixes, BUGS SQUASHED. I had the worst game the other day , berries in trees , deer all cluttered wrong spot. villagers all standing when clearly was able to gather. DE did great on fixing bugs and the workshop made it great. I understand it is NOSTALGIA< i dont want starcraft, no one who buys this game does. but that doenst mean all the bugs and the issues that are known shouldnt be fixed. thats dumb.

the problem is the game code and UWP. steam doesn’t want that in their platform.


it seems they abandoned this great game and dont know why they can improve too much this game like aoe2

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I wonder why this website appears to be inactive, they said that Wololo Wednesday would come back at the beginning of this year yet no new announcement of bug fixes or even Community videos or live streams :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @HellenicSpring, While Wololo Wednesday has not yet returned I ran a giveaway here on the forums last month for copies of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and the codes were supplied by the community team. I can do the same thing again this month, just need to bounce it off the community team in case they had planned February to be the first month this year for Wololo Wednesday.

The community team has been promoting community streams on social media recently even though this website and forum has been quiet.

The weekly Age of Empires community team stream on Thursdays at 10AM PST was canceled last week but is still planned for this week.

Right now there simply isn’t a whole lot for the community team to talk about until the next major update for AoE III:DE, AoE III:DE or AoE IV opens the floodgates.

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