When is the Worlds Edge Website launching?

Hello, when will the World’s Edge Studio’s website be launching? I want the Age of empires merch!!!

Don’t be hoping it for anytime soon :wink:

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You’re looking at it. They only work on Age of Empires.

You can find Age of Empires merchandise in the Microsoft Store.

Wait for e3 maybe more info there

No, i thought this is just the forums???

That tshirt sucks. One of the dev wore a better clean just with a logo t-shirt.

I hope they launch it!! Dude seriously, I want to die right now. So excited for everything Age.

I’m talking about the entire www.ageofempires.com domain which includes the forums.

I hear you. I would have liked to see the Age of Empires II logo featured prominently on the Microsoft Store t-shirt like the development team t-shirt. Looking at the bright side, at least there is Age of Empires merchandise available now.

I hope they re-image this ageofempires.com a bit to World’s Edge and what not. That would be awesome!

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