When people ask for/suggest civs, I think they should provide an actual civ design

I love doing that as well, I’m really just trying to shut down the Euro civ suggestions, because there is nothing new, and they really aren’t a priority in my opinion.

That there’s nothing brand new to be added with European civs is debatable but true for the most part, but they are a priority, since the Middle Ages mostly had something to do with Europe. While Africa and Asia also played a big role, Africa was (and still is) underdeveloped and not typical for the Middle Ages, and Asia basically had its own time periods.

It’s just completely natural that people want more European civs, since Europe completely defined the term “Middle Ages”.

The only thing I can think of regarding civilizations is renaming the Turks to Ottomans, since the Ottoman Empire was one of the biggest (late-) medieval players, and making some changes to it maybe.

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It’s a common mistake to apply what you see today to the past, as if things were static, always the same, i.e., it is not true that Africa was underdeveloped during the Middle Ages (whatever underdeveloped means here).


The game never was only about Europe and hasnt been exclusively about the middle ages since The Conquerors.

Africa wasnt underdeveloped either


I didn’t say that it was only about Europe, and Africa was always underdeveloped in comparison to Europe.

How was Africa not underdeveloped?

Edit: I ■■■■■■■ forgot about the fact that much science actually came from there…

I guess a common mistake is ignoring civilizations such as Berbers or Saracens when talking about Africa, although they’re some of the most important…

Why do you think it was? In the dark ages Africa was doing better than Europe and for the rest of the timeline of the game had multiple kingdoms with large populations, strong economies supported by trade and large well trained and/or equioed armies, and there were even multiple kingdoms with gunpowder.

Sure, they werent as powerful as the great European Powers, but they still were fine


The problem with civ suggestions is that most of posts get bogged down with useless rants like which civ is more deserving, and which is more important. So any actual suggestions and build up of an idea gets swept aside so that circlejerk can close the post.
The only civ suggestion i saw that had some upgrade of proposed idea was Venetian civ suggestion, because op smartly ignored trolls.


Yes, ok – although I was trying not to be prescriptive since I don’t think there’s a “correct” amount of information to give. I don’t have a civ of my own to propose, so I’ll use Bengalis. (Partly because I’m adapting this from the Dynasties of India announcement, which I think has a good amount of info per civ, and they’re the first civ listed.)

Elephant and Naval Civilisation.
They have fully upgraded Battle Elephants and Elephant Archers (except Thumb Ring), but no Knights, Camels, or Cavalry Archers.

Unique Units:

  • Ratha – Chariot that can switch between a melee attack and a ranged (bow) attack. Trained at the Castle.
  • Armored Elephant – Anti-building elephant with a melee attack, replacing the Battering Ram line. Trained at the Siege Workshop from Castle Age, with an upgrade (Siege Elephant) in Imperial Age.

Unique Techs:

  • Paiks: Rathas and elephant units attack faster.
  • Mahayana: Villagers take less population space.


  • Elephant units receive less bonus damage and are more resistant to conversion.
  • Town Centers spawn a small number of Villagers when the next Age is reached.
  • Ships regenerate HP over time.
  • Team Bonus: Trade units yield a small amount of food in addition to gold.

To be honest, having typed that out, it feels like a lot of information to me… Giving less information than this would definitely be ok, especially if the point of the post was to ask other people to pitch in ideas.

I don’t think giving that amount of info is necessarily wrong, but I find it hard to see the wood for the trees. Plus if you propose something like “Ships regenerate 25 HP per minute” as a civ bonus, you get people responding with things like “25 HP per minute is too much, it should be 15 HP” – which may be true, but isn’t really the point, in my opinion.

Of course, I could be way off. Maybe if someone posted something like my example, the replies would say things like “what’s the rest of their tech tree like?” and “how much HP do ships regenerate per minute?”

I don’t see how you could make separate English and Welsh civs without making one of them less historically accurate than they are now, but I’ve seen both suggested as separate civs – never with any detail.

For Anglo-Saxons, yes (apart from the gunpowder) – I think @TheConqueror753 is talking about the Saxons who stayed in Saxony.


Thanks for the reply, friend. Like everyone else here, I also have suggestions and ideas and I think your idea would make things simpler (although I also enjoy following the discussions here).

I must have been high on crack when I wrote this ■■■■