When team games for ranked ladder? We need some dates here

As a team only player I would like to know the date you might add team games to ranked ladder. I have no desire to play 1v1 at all and only feel like this is a “slap in the face” to all the team players here…

I guess the 60% or so of team only players don’t matter enough to include this at ranked launch. This game caterers to 1v1 pros. The rest can go suck an egg pretty much. NO RANKED FOR YOU.

Team game players bushed aside and forgotten. Such a shame. I got news for you. ONLY PEOPLE THAT PLAY THIS GAME CARE TO WATCH PRO MATCHES. This is why number continue to drop and people lose interest

Balance in team games is a much trickier deal than it is in 1v1 play, which is generally the recommended competitive format (for any similar game).

I get that the game needs a casual playerbase to filter up to any competitive playerbase, but that’s why you have, like, the rest of the game. Speaking as a casual player (though weirdly I prefer 1v1 to team games, as bad as I am at both).

I mean, weren’t you just complaining about balance?

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