When they nerf Mongols

So when they Nerf Mongols to trashcan tier like China what is the next OP CIV?
My moneys on Delhi and French. Been trying to learn Delhi but not really my play style. Seem OP already thou.

Mabe hoping English get some love so I can play them again. Love playing English but there to weak still.

What you all think? Who will rise to S tier for a month after next nerfs??

No, English is very strong in the early stage of the game and is not afraid of all civilizations. If you play well, English should be a very powerful civilization.

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Problem of ENG is too aggressive in feudal but weak at castle until imperial with farming gold. However, it wouldn’t have many advantages due to lack of unique unit in the front battle. Longbow no longer as threat as feudal age did

PS: We don’t really know if they actually going to nerf mongol first Xd

I’m having a feeling that the English will be the dominant faction. Mostly because:

  1. They are a civ made for older players (as it was stated) so it’s already more comfortable and easier to understand. This means that the learning curve is lower and everyone can be introduced to the game easier unless they become as OP as the Mongols which would lead new players to get faster into competitive plays and even more threads asking for a nerf. It’s just easier to work with something you already know and can rely on.

  2. They already got some pretty strong units for a certain age so if a few tweaks happen here and there, they might become OP. But I believe those changes will come when they will give up on other factions and their players and just focus on the basic one as a backup plan.

However I don’t quite catch what’s the dev’s plan for the civs overall, because the way the game is made to be influences which civ will be on top or not. Like should they all have a specific counter? If so then we’ll clearly have winners and losers, aka there will always be a need for a nerf, always there will be a problem. Or perhaps are they planning on focusing more on the team aspect of the civs, making them more effective together than alone which again will bring lots of issues and weak spots. Or…they could make them flexible, self reliant but that would take a huge amount of detail and knowledge about the game. I’m not sure they will be viable in team games and instead it would become a race over who’s the best in each team, but at least there will be good balance and players will be satisfied.

Im 100% sure Mongols will get nerfed to the ground like china was.
You nailed it with English. Lowbows are strong age 2 but after that they lose power as more siege and armored units enter the battlefield

If they got some late game buff to there armored units …they would be very good. Or more economic buffs to farms or whatever
Right now its gain advantage in Feudal or lose… down hill from there.
Need imperial age buffs to make them S tier or a strong A tier