When to go ATP

Hi I’m wondering what situations are right to go the ATP card. I know people do it with Portuguese, but can any other civ make use of it?

Spain use it quite often and also ottoman, typically it’s good on maps with at least 4 tp’s.

Need to have a map with 4 tps, and typically should be done with civs like French, Germans, Portuguese, or Spanish

How about Inca? They make the already strong tambo super cheap and easy to spam away.

I prefer the 3 tambo card age 2. U can also go like 1 war hut 1 tambo from ur age up travois. So ive never seen much use in atp as inca but i guess its possible.

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Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to send it on maps with 4 TPs. Have some follow up questions:
Do other civs do the 10/10 and send ATP first? Or do you only send it first if you don’t have a 3 settlers card? If you do send ATP first do you ever delay your first TP to save the wood?

Some maps look like they have 4+ TPs, but you wont be able to build on all of them. This happens on maps with a TP too close to a starting TC. So when you’re looking at appropriate maps, keep that in mind.