When using mercenary contractor in age 3 does black rider get hitpoint automatically when i advance to age IV and V?

No, when you age to age IV black rider receive no bonus stats and they’re a merc so no shadow upgrade too. Black rider are classified as age 3 merc, so when you age up to imperial with merc contractor, the black rider will automatically receive 50% bonus. The only age 4 merc are lil bombard and mamelukes.

so if i advance to age 3 with mercenary contractor, black riders will remain with the same stats that on age 3?
or they will increase stats when i go to age V?

what is shadow upgrade?

Their stats only increase if you also choose the Age 5 merc contractor.

Shadow upgrade are upgrade that automatically researched on you age up, example of units that receive shadow upgrade are explorer, warchief, monks, spy, native scout, tokala soldier, skull knight, consulate army, and other trained or untrained units that have no upgrade research, except merc and ship.

i checked and there is no age 5 merc contractor, or is there if i pick it on age 3?