When will AoE becomes playable?

So with the new Chinesse-merchant trader exploit am afraid of the fact that we will still not be able to play a game at all. (At least not team-games)

So my MAIN question is … Can I play a game for which I paid nearly 100e after 2-3 months or not?

Balance issues are once problem to deal with. A very very long with many many stages. CoH2 balance is changing even after so many years.

But all the bugs and exploits? Such a stuff should be fixed ASAP. Even within 24h I would say.

I was finally happy because I knew all the Abbasids exploits are gonna be fixed next week. But now am almost 100% sure that this will not contain this trade exploit as well. (+ Maybe what about to finally solve a build-cancel extra res. as well?).

I speak for all of those who want to play a game without cheating/exploits and doesnt care about ,which civs. should be adde, Horseeeees to weak reeee etc. etc. Thats just extra-minor issues in compare with fact u cannot even PLAY.

And for those who play 1v1 only. Go and try to play TG. I wish you good luck to not find at least one stupid … ehm ,very clever, guy … Worst thing about that is you dont even have to notice it untill u see match-results

So u wanna se a statistic and u are like … Oh this guy used some exploit hmmmm and this one as well. Oh such a nice waste of 40 mins.

I beg you Relic I know u are deffinetly not the best company in solving problems but GET YOUR ■■■■■ together. This is close to unforgivable.

For all of those who are like game is out only for 2 months you trotl of course there will be some bugs.

Bruh. Such a game breaking exploits and bugs should be find very very fast If u at least tested properly (not-known word for Relic as we know for a long time).

What I find really crazy is fact that on their official dev-stream like 3-4 days ago.

  1. Mic. was badly used - well this has something to do with game management maybe?
  2. 40 mins of watching two noobs fighting each other - WOW
  3. Not a single word SORRY about well yeah we released an uncompleted/unplayable game with all the exploits and in reality u will be able to play a game 6 months after release but u know? F**k you
  4. 60 seconds about actual balance/bugs problems.

Like really? this lack of communication is another nail in the coffin.

Now seriously with all my anger out am asking again? when? New year? will there be a ,soon christmas patch/gift, as with Abbasids for a New year as well? Or in summer of 2022?

Sorry am used to BUY a finished product. Not a car without wheels.


Trust me, the 1v1 is not that much better, I ran into both abba abuse and the Chinese market abuse, I didn’t even realize people abusing the bug, made me wonder why did the guy got a 7 min castle that he was doing everything else too.

A few days ago I was scratching my head why did a Chinese player got market in feudal.

Yeah… And yes, team game is absolutely fked by now.

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I want a statment too !
They shoud give a whole livestream to it asap !



Maybe they listened to thi thread and stream is starting soon on Twitch :smiley: :heart:

i Have to sadly agree upon a lot of points i have been playing RTS Games since 1998 and this is the buggiest RTS big title in Ages. Starcraft 2 wasn’t even close to broken on this level even in closed beta which i played.

There sadly seems to be Quite the Lack of Proper Play testing and looking for game breaking bugs. And also Balance changes causes totally new Game breaking bugs. For an example the Stone wall bug would easily have been discovered messing around.

Its great of Relic to Try and fix stuff, many developers dont even do that. So it does look abit promising tho. But Balancing should probably be on the shelf for 1 month until Bugs have been fixed.