When will mods be released!? AOE4 hardmode below

So, here is what I would do in a mod… if I could.

  1. All food from farms reduced by 75%. There is a late game food glut that occurs in almost every game I play. All food from sheep spawned by buildings and deer spawned by buildings reduced by 75%.

  2. French chivalry nerfed. They no longer get healing just by being out of combat. Now, they deploy a banner, and must remain in the radius of the banner in order to heal.

  3. Mongol cavalry buffed. Health +10%, passive healing at all times on all mongol cavalry, and if a mangudai is within close range of a lancer, a scout, or a horseman… they redirect 60% of damage taken to them.

  4. Mongol infantry nerfed. No upgrades for men at arms in mongol barracks.

  5. All scouts must research scout torches - a castle age tech in order to be able to throw torches at buildings.

  6. Fire damage now interacts with buildings differently than siege damage. Buildings have a fire health bar that regenerates rapidly when out of combat. When a building’s fire healthbar reaches zero, it catches fire and then starts burning. A burning building takes no damage from additional torches being thrown at it. The rate of the burn is increased significantly over current burn rates, but it will take roughly 45 seconds for a structure to burn down. If a villager starts repairing the structure, the fire will be put out, and the healthbar will start recharging. This is to nerf mongols who run around burning everything with scouts. Yes, they can still set things on fire and get their bounty, but with proper use of villagers, your town will not be lost in a split second.

  7. Villagers can now plant stealth forests for gold.

  8. All gold mines give 20% less gold. In addition, each gold mine has a .025% chance per time gold is harvested to have a mining accident. A mining accident will result in a large explosion that reduces the gold in the stockpile by 200, kills all villagers in the blast radius, and deals damage to structures in the blast radius.

  9. The mongol Kurultai now has an ability that lets the mongols see through the vision of all wild animals on the map, and passively increases the duration of the scouting falcon from 30 seconds to 150 seconds, and doubles its range.

  10. All units now have a 1% chance per second to contract a disease. Diseased units must be healed by a priest or garrisoned in a towncenter to remove the disease. Every second, the diseased unit has a 5% chance per second to spread the disease to a nearby unit. Units that are not healed will lose 20% of their health over 20 seconds, and have their move speed reduced by 5%. At the end, they have a 10% chance to die. If they die under the effect of a disease, they will infect all units within a close vicinity. Units that have contracted disease become immune, and cannot become diseased again.

  11. The mongols get a passive effect on their yam network. It prevents units from dying of disease while under the effects of the yam network.

  12. The Rus hunting cabin has a 50% chance to infect everyone in its close vicinity every time it brings in gold. The wooden fortress will purge diseases from anyone garrisoned inside.

  13. The scholar and the prelate can purge disease.

  14. Mangonels can be ordered to shoot a plague infested corpse as an alternative to normal ammunition. For historical reference, see: biological weapon - Biological weapons in history | Britannica. The body bursts when it hits the ground, infecting all units with black plague. Units have 20 seconds to be garrisoned in a town center or healed by a priest… or they die. Black plague will ignore immunity, and will kill units under the yam network effect. Black plague can spread to other units just like normal disease, but instead of a 5% chance, it has a 20% chance to spread, and it is ALWAYS fatal.