When will Sweden be nerfed?

Hey, was just wondering when the devs will nerf sweden?

Sweden at the moment has the following problems, torp gather rate is too much, svea lifeguard is too strong basically an auto win card, 6 mamelukes is too good.

I’ve noticed with sweden it’s also a basic +200 elo civ, it really helps bad players because the torps gather coin and gold fast which is exactly what you need to spam musk and to age up, you reach age 3 and are already close to res to go industrial and send svea lifeguard for an instant gg.
This civ is a noobs dream, easy macro because torps gather exactly the res you need to spam musk and easy micro because you only make caroleans.

Caroleans are very broken, with platoon fire all cav become useless whether they have sent svea and lost the melee resist or not. With svea they beat skirms which should counter them and can always just charge into skirms/artillery and win. Mamelukes are too good to be an infinite card.

I suggest the following as a minimum, svea lifeguard needs to have range resist removed, make it just a hitpoints increase. Mamelukes needs to be a 1 time card for 6 or change it and make it infinite 4 mamelukes. I’d also suggest a torp nerf to the berry gather rate or increased cost for caroleans.

In swedens current state they outgather any civ even with just 20 vills when their opponent may have 60 vills, really making me stop playing this game, I hope sweden recieves some adjustments soon.


Yeah true Sweden is a free win in team games, that’s why I recommend playing unranked team, also because ranked team takes forever to queue, if one person goes Sweden in a 3v3, make another person go Sweden, and make them split teams, at least that is what I love to do when I play with my friends in team.

Alot of people are turned off of the game by the obvious balance issues. It’s too bad. I’ve had plenty of those games myself where I completely dominate the swedes player the whole way through yet he can still out resource me. It is frustrating.

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Sweden got nerfed already, please read the patch notes.
Carolean with range resist still get countered by falcs.
Torps are very balance because they will be destroyed by only pikes.

Btw, the problem is dev insist their mistakeS. These items were complained by many people many times.
I said that only if people give up playing, join Sweden/Japan or dev take serious action to adjust these two civs, otherwise these kind of complaint topics will not stop.

There was no balance changes in the last patch.

Please wait till next one and post back if nothing is changed.

But 1v1,it not strong.The game mainly is 1v1.So, I think don’t mind the others.

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And first,it only have 5 settlers in starting
Second,Weaken 4 Mamulukes.It’s joke!
Age4 card cost = Age3 card?

thje big problem i see is that they are buying many villagers and 10 pop on each house for only 135 wood

Also caroleans is the most profit unit on the game, caroleans can kill real cannons easily using the button for speed movement.

Another thing on team matches i see very unbalanced is peruvian revolution, its unstoppable


Please remove team game option.

1v1 rarely goes imperial age. Lets make Sweden auto win when reaching imperial age.

First of all .You must know The game is 1v1 game mainly.Secondly,The Sweden Six mamulukes Down from the four.Do you think The Introduction card Equal fortress card.I think it’s joke.You can choose rush the Sweden.Because of you have your Members.It is My idea.Six weaken to five I think I can accept it.Thanks very much

I didn’t say his suggestion is good or not.
I just want to know, assuming let Sweden unbeatable in team game, is it ok, applying your speech this game is for 1v1 only.

well i know alot of people that doesnt play the game because its based on 1vs1 the balance

If become your idea.Sweden will become 1v1 Lowest country.
That’s why I can’t accept it.

They can buff back sweden for 1v1 in case they nerf for team game, I suppose to this and it is no conflict.
However Sweden is still ridiculous in team game.

Age of Empire III nerf team and not nerf 1v1.I think it’s so difficult
Every Boom country in team match is great.
Sweden have more stable.So in team match is op
But if you weaken it
You will find in 1v1 Sweden broken
So.I only agree 6 Mamulukes become 5.Not agree others

The only nerf i think that should happen is the Torp HP. Even though pikes do kill them easy, i think they should be even flimsier (forcing the Swede player to get improved buildings or something like that).

Carolean get rekt even with svea vs any good skirm (French, Port, Dutch, German etc…), and they still lose to Muskets until svea/platoon fire/snap lock. You can also research Counter infantry rifling to clean them.

Also Hakkas are not dragoons and LOSE to any dragoon, so Goon/skirm composition STILL kills sweden

(Btw just look at the numbers and see that most skirms will have the same HP (or more in case of Dutch, French, German) and will still deal significantly more damage (of course they will not fall like flies, but will lose to similar mass)

I understand that at a low level sweden is very very forgiving. if your opponent does nothing you dont even need to make constant vils, 'cause auto eco… but at an intermediate level or high level that is not the case.

Not that i am saying that sweden is not Top tier - it very much is, on par with Spain Dutch and Japan - but if you make the nerfs you say you want the civ becomes severely unbalanced.

In every game there will always be civs that are easier to play that is the case with sweden.

they have to lower the speed of the caroleans with 0.25, maybe 0.5 (is 4,5 speed in the beginning) and lower the hp of the torps to that of a normal house (torp is 1500 hp and house is 1200 hp). This will already make a difference.

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Just remove swedes from ladders and tournaments until they get fixed.

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I’ve said this a million times and I don’t mind saying this again:
If a civ can be easily destroyed if you do one specific strategy and make no mistakes right before one exact time point (which gives it an average or even below-average win rate), and becomes unstoppable right after that, would you call it a balanced design?

And god caroleans, for a million times. How many “uniqueness” are stacked to that one unit compared to its counterpart?

  1. Higher melee
  2. A special speed boosting ability
  3. Ranged multiplier against cavalry
  4. Longer range
  5. Ranged resistance

Has anyone seen another unique unit like that? Perhaps rifle rider is one such unit and it pays the price of being countered severely. Carolean even faces its counters better.
And don’t people think these special traits are already very contradictory in themselves? Why should a unit with better melee also have longer range?

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This is not true for any civ.

But are countered by musketeers with equal numbers (until double carded), and by skirmishers with lower numbers(before svea) and by Skirms with (at least) equal numbers (after svea).

In tournaments no one seems to care with the inclusion of sweden, nor do they advocate for its removal. This concern of “OmG sWeDeN iS uNbEaTaBlE” is more expresed by low tier/beguinners. (which again, does not mean that sweden is perfectly balanced).