When will the AoM DE game come out?

Interesting thanks for the schedule so either nothing will happen about AoM or it will be some surprise trailer in between (?)

Personally I am quite surprised what most companies developed over the years/ what it seems majority of players seem to want cause the open night on Tuesday didn’t hook me at all personally (with a few minor exceptions) and now I read this schedule and my mind goes (ofc just personally speaking):

  • fligh simulator (yeah not interested)
  • Plague Tail (okay that’s cool)
  • Sea of thieves (not interested)
  • Lies of P (could be cool but not hooked yet)
  • High on Life (not interested)
  • Planet of Lana (what?)
  • Grounded (okay I guess)
  • Pentiment (again: what?)
  • under the waves (okay but really niche)
  • Minecraft legends (I couldn’t care less)
  • Age of Empires 4 (nice but not AoM)

Absolute disappointment if AoM:DE or AoM II does not get revealed.


This is so absurd… Why isn’t there anything about AoM?


It would feel extremely disrespectful to not even have even a mention to Age of Mythology in its 20th anniversary, so I think they are probably leaving it for a later event around october.

This showcase has been like 80% Sea of Thieves so far, and doesn’t look like they are going to announce anything new, but showing already known games…

So, yeah, I think we will most probably have to save the hype for another couple months or so. I’ll still watch it until it ends just in case, but pretty sure we will not get anything about AoM Definitive in this event, by how it looks.


Because they want all eyes on AoEiV. Same reason Adam Isgreen hinted on Twitter there will be news for all things Age soon. We can’t upstage AoEIV now, can we? That would be really really bad.


Yet they would make a lot of money if they even just said AoM was being remade or whatever while at Gamescom

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Nah, the reveal will probably not be that simple and casual. They have to do it with a trailer, a video comparison between OG AoM and Definitive Edition and so. Age of Mythology was a really succesful RTS, so I’d expect a proper exciting announcement with some focus.

I just hope we don’t reach November without any news nor a simple mention, tho, because it would be incredibly sad. Fingers crossed for a Microsoft/Xbox event this October.

Since they have announced AoE IV new civs two months before they come to the game, which is kinda suspicious, I can see it like a way to leave some room in that theoretical October event for something else. Something pretty mythical, I’d say.

Well this sucked for a Anniversary…


That’s a nice interpretation/speculation and i can read the unbreakable hopes in your words and I hope you are right.
But personally I am really disappointed aswell so far.
The opportunity as others here said already would have been great, way better than in late autumn to drop a trailer and then release more gameplay details through autumn till winter for maybe Christmas sales but nope it seems this opportunity has passed already.
I don’t know why so many have more trust in age of empires than in age of mythology cause I personally 100% certain an AoM2 (maybe even DE) would have sold better than a AoE4 and especially the AoE4 we still currently still more or less have. Why do they have so few trust in a new AoM title especially since that mythology game from Ubisoft last year was liked and there are big quite popular games like Total war warhammer also with a heavy focus on fantasy…
I understand that the market for fantasy/mythology games was too risky like 10/12 years ago (for whatever reason) but now? You have to be really blind as a developer in my honest opinion.


There Will be a a big event on October 25th to celebrate the franchise.
I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more there.

At this point the people at Microsoft are either playing a sick joke or are genuinely out of touch. This was the perfect opportunity for them to announce Aom:de and it would have blown the roof in sales and ratings. Instead we got a shirt … a Freaking SHIRT is the best they got for us.


They Will have a big event later this October.

Yeah they are insane. AoM is more popular than 1, and potentially 3/4 (we need to remember a lot don’t play EE). Microsoft is so stupid how they do things now. They make posts that sound like this a lot and it drives me nuts


Who is their target audience??


There was no trailer because Chinese civilization is under complete rework and devs didn’t finish their jobs. New Chinese units like Meteor Hammer may appear.

Calm down, bro. October 25th will have an event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Age of Empires franchise, and consequently celebrating Age of Mythology’s 20th anniversary (which will be just 5 days later).

And if this wasn’t obvious enough, Bert Beeckman (Forgotten Empires studio head) just confirmed there’s gonna be “more announcements” there. Two months, mate. Two months until it happens.

Yes, a rage… 25 minutes of AoE 4 and it was just an interview…

Yes, that they announce it in October to launch it in March 2023 or even if it is AoM themed events for AoE 2 DE and 3 DE…

It is that I would, I consider AoM a better game than AoE 4 … first I put AoE 3 for the mechanics and graphics, then AoE Online for the rolero component and the historical period, then AoM for the mythology, then AoE 2 DE for the campaigns, then AoE 4 for being the new one and finally AoE 1 DE for the theme of being the first…

Yes, less common sense… they keep AoE 1 DE simply because of the issue of Vietnam and so far only, since they do not even put a new expansion … it’s only 2 DE, 3 DE and 4 and stops counting…

Of course, and if not we hang it xd…

Could this finally mean something :thinking:


Where did you find that? In EE’s files?

Here: https://steamdb.info/app/266840/history/

someone says it is probably nothing but this is the first time in TWO years

“This Changelist affected 90243 other apps”

Nothing AoM related; shared repo update.

Related, and Interesting enough however:

Something to do with Russian I presume.