When will we have the Hero Cosmetic Pack - Vol. 2?

I can’t wait to buy the Hero Cosmetic Pack - Vol. 2, I hope it will be on sale before Christmas and include some Santa :santa:t2: elements


Santa skin :santa: from Lapland for Swedes civ Hero.


Probably in Spring, when the next big update hits

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Algunos cosmeticos que esperaria ver son:

1: Coronel Kuechler (Alemanes)
2: Blaz de lezo (Españoles)
3: Doncella del Santuario ( ###################

4: Juana de Arco (Franceses) Con algunas de sus lineas de voz xd
5: Francesco Sforza (Italianos)
6: Carlos XII (Suecos)
7: Pravar (Indios)
8: Caballero de la Orden Teutonica (Malteses)
9: Su wukong (Chinos)
10: Cascanueces (Rusos)
12: Catafracta (Otomanos)
13: Napoléon (Franceses)
14: Cooper (Estados Unidos)
15: Francisco de Almeida (Portugueses)

pd: De verdad me censuro la palabra ########


Solo no censura si esta en ingles (this is a machine translation, I’m not good at Spanish lol)

Anyway, here are my own suggestions:

Yodit and Sabla (Ethiopians)
Henry the Navigator (Portuguese)
Cuauhtemoc and the AoE2 Jaguar Warrior (Aztecs)
Yermak (Russians)
Tokugawa (Japanese)
We had the same ideas for Joan of Ark for French and a Shrine Maiden/Miko for Japanese
Vanilla Washington for United States (The default US general is based on Washington from The Warchiefs)
Nathaniel for either US or Hauds (I’d say he fits better as US but he could be available for both)
Falcon Company Chayton (also for the US)

Tokugawa is already on the game, you have to pick kichiro skin

Hero Cosmetic Pack - Vol. 2:

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Germans)
  2. Goldener Reiter (Germans)
  3. Santa Claus (Swedes)
  4. Livgardet Officer (Swedes)
  5. Agha of the Janissaries (Ottomans)
  6. Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha (Ottomans)
  7. Willem van Ruytenburch (Dutch)
  8. Joan of Arc ########
  9. Francisco de Almeida (Portuguese)
  10. Pope (Italians)
  11. Mafioso (Maltese)
  12. Sicilian Vespers Girl (Maltese)
  13. Yermak (Russians)
  14. Bolshevik (Russians)
  15. Ká:nien (Haudenosaunee)
  16. Nathaniel Black (Haudenosaunee)
  17. Yodit (Ethiopians)
  18. Menelik II (Ethiopians)
  19. Sheriff Billy Holme (United States)
  20. Major Cooper (United States)
  21. Bahadur Shah (Indians)
  22. Aliya Rama Raya (Indians)
  23. Tokugawa Ieyasu (Japanese)
  24. Puankhequa (Chinese)
  25. Kangxi Emperor (Chinese)

Tewodros and Amina are both civ leaders and hero skins. There’s nothing preventing that from happening to other civ leaders now.


Some historical campaign heroes that are still not made into skins:

  • Colonel Washington
  • Custer
  • Hizir
  • Francis Drake
  • Yermak
  • Andrew Jackson
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All campaign skins except Andrew Jackson (slavist) should be in.

Give me something related to the Spanish Independence war against France, not more Morrions skins.

^I think Custer won’t get a skin either

The default US general IS Washington, no?

Yeah, but he’s TWC Washington
Vanilla AoE3 has a different Washington model

No sir, I mean he IS a hero skin right now, he is the secondary explorer of Kichiro Skin XD

Wait, seriously? I thought either both would turn into Kichiro (like the Nanib skin) or only one would change (like Chinese monk skins iirc)

Yes, you have both, Kichiro and tokugawa, was really cool detail.(I hope the keep doing things like that) but I dont remember if they change his voice a image too.