When will we have the New campaigns

I want to give have French Revolution,Napoleonic war,The Thirty Years’ War,African war,Seven Years war,Russo-Turkish wars,Glorious Revolution, Great Northern War,Eighty year War and Great Türkiye War’s etc.all European War campaigns please

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Be the change you want to see

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All up to World’s Edge to increase 3DE’s budget.


All right it’s new campaign’s budget may be updated this spring See the World Edge’s developer It depends on the actual situation of the campaign

You have the historical maps (I know, it’s not the same), but it’s more replayable…

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If we never get another campaign (which in truth I doubt we will) I hope that there are more historical battles in the pipeline; they still scratch that particular itch .

I very much hope to see Gustav and Napoleon’s character campaign, and also want to see the rise history of Ottoman, or add some second-generation reprinted historical campaigns, such as the second-generation Aztec campaign and the third-generation reprinted version of the Inca campaign

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I don’t think historical battles… we already have 12 of them, the same amount as AoE 2… most likely they will include more historical maps of the conflicts that are missing (conquest of the New World, Latin American independence and American Civil War):

  1. Conquest of the New World (1492-1620) (like the New World campaign of RoN)

  2. Latin American Independence (1810-1825)

  3. American Civil War (1861-1865)

Very unlikely, but they could always have historical battles…

Maybe they will do it in AoE 4 from Manzikert (1071) to Mohács (1526)…

It would be very similar to Montezuma’s campaign from AoE 2 or the Chinese campaign…

I don’t think they will, although they could use Pizarro’s skin for something…

Just depending on the historical map and the basic content of the historical battles inconformity, the developers of FE, Tantalus and World’s Edge still need to spend a lot of money to do large-scale new campaigns again, and invite more dubbing actors and more cut-through films to overcome the expensive obstacles

Of course, making campaigns requires a lot of time, work and money… and they need the game to receive content from time to time, that’s why they won’t make campaigns…

Maybe this is kind of unpopular but for AoE3 I’d rather have 5 new historical battles than a 5 scenarios campaign.

For AoE 2 I’d rather have campaigns, though.

Yes, mainly because with the historical battles you can cover more conflicts without having to do so many missions…

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