When will we see a statistics screen that actually works flawlessly?

I’m glad they finally fixed the numbers but here are some major bugs that still remain even after 6 months:

  • Can’t open the report window for some players
  • Blocked players change randomly from tab to tab

Here’s a short video. Note that you can’t see the mouse cursor (due to Game Bar limitations…), but you can still see when I click on the buttons (or hover over them).


Edit: That’s some fine upload quality… why can we upload videos in the beta forums but not here?

Here’s the original GIF https://imgur.com/2J8RSSP


What bothers me;

-“Best score” Stars offset the numbers
-Age up times don’t fit (scroll L-R)
-Ugly player flags (flat on the left)
-Ugly modern table. Removed classic AOC look.
-Basic info, has much more potential. (While they can extract very detailed information to make achievement badges)


It won’t probably change but agree with what PacificWheel wrote above.
Graphical design of the UIs is not the best one. :smiley:

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Please compile a detailed report at #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs

That’s the best way to bring attention to a issue.