When Wonder scaling is introduced, what values does the community like?

I’m working under the informal thought that wonder scaling is hopefully coming with season 3. If it doesn’t come with team ranked…well I just think that would be a big mistake. I don’t think there’s been official confirmation yet anywhere though.

Regardless, under the assumption it will come, what are people’s thought’s on the actual values.

When AoE4 was released wonders were 3k per resource with 4k for Mongols (henceforth shorthanded as kM)

Now it is 6k/8kM

I personally feel like that is a bit high for 1v1s. As someone who watches EGCTV tournament weekends, I see many long games get to points where someone like Beasty as 5k wood, 6k+food 3.2kgold and 2k stone. But then he just keep drops (because who would play Mongols now :P) his opponent’s resources, pumps out raiding units and his resources are gone usually. We also don’t want it as low as it was as that made the wonder victory too…cheap in more ways than one.

My ideal distribution for Wonder cost scaling would be as follows:

1v1: 4.5k/6kM = total resource cost 18k (up from original 1v1 intent of 12k resources)
2v2: Current values: 6k/8kM = total resource cost 24k
3v3: 7.5k/10kM = total resource cost 30k
4v4: 9k/12kM = total resource cost 36k

How do people feel about these values? Should they be even higher for 4v4s etc.? Thoughts?

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I think price is only a fraction of the issue.

In team games 15 minutes can is often not enough time to push on certain maps unless the enemy decides to simply delete their forces.

Either an extended timer or the ability to build a wonder of your own for a one off +10 minutes added. Something that add a bit of counter play without totally negating the wonder builders investment.

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