Where are the buffs to Grenadiers?

Ok first of all, I am happy about the PUP patchnotes. And why is that? Because I love factions which are unique with unique units. Thats why I decided to main Chinese since the game released, even if they were in an absolute garbage state for several months.

But now we have to ask the devs, how did you forget about Grenadiers? They need more attack range! They are way too expensive considering how poor they perform since you nerfed several things at once for them.

This was your opportunity to make all three Dynasty units viable and worth using, for the first time ever since Age of Empires 4 released!

Please revert nerfs to their range and see if they are worth using after that.

Also what happened to the Clocktower and the French College of Artillery? The College of Artillery receives massive buffs which puts the Clocktower to shame.

  • The college of Artillery now produces faster than the Clocktower, similar to automatic supervision
  • Many months ago you heavily nerfed Chinese by removing the ability to supervise the Clocktower
  • You decreased HP of all siege units, which lead to less effectivenss of increased HP on Clocktower
  • You buffed the additional attack bonus from 20% to 30%, a buff of 50%?!
  • You added the ability to deal area of effect damage ontop for French

Chinese needs the ability to also deal area of effect damage with their siege units. And now Clocktower needs to get buffed. Its a much worse version of what French gets. Chinese was already stripped of their Gunpoweder identity back when you nerfed siege across the board.

Chinese should have strong siege, not weaker than French. French was never about siege in the first place.


There’s a long-standing bug with CT, it doesn’t benefit from Military Academy (train time reduction). Meanwhile, the College of Arty gets the full benefit. It’s been reported for over half a year. Come on, do your job properly Relic!


Currently Chinese siege is still arguably better than French though. ‘Artillery shot’ is useless, takes too long to cool down.

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