Where are the haudenosaunee players?

I’m an active player in ranked and causal and I haven’t seen almost anyone play with them I think they need a rework ASAP, Haudenosaunee is practically a ghost civilization in the game right now

possible causes: tribal market is too boring to get
second hunting update doesn’t exist on the market, also not for gold

Tomahawk has very low damage and a bit slow rate of fire, its dragons are very expensive.
cannons too late to get
kanya knight and very expensive in wood
and the extremely slow economy

and maybe that’s why nobody wants to play with them


its dragoons are actually significantly cheaper than regular dragoons- 150 res total instead of 180. Its just the coin eco is trash so they feel expensive.

There are some old greed builds and I think haud would do really well in the current meta, they’re just not a terribly rewarding civ to play. The tribal market thing is kind of annoying as well, unfortunately. having to build a second one just to get more than 10 vills on a mine is really frustrating when you’re going coin heavy army like mantlet/prowler/musket/cuir shipment. i really think the gather limit for the coin building needs to be increased, or the cost decreased.

other than that its a great civ. I have tons of old “iro” builds from tad that still work. My one big request for the civ is fixing their national support shipments. they’re really boring and overpriced besides the tc wagon+10v.

If I could suggest a terrible thing for their lategame eco, id love to see them get the same infinite fur trade card that inca has, just in age 4.


I think the tribal market should be free but maybe slow to build like how the grannery is for the african civs

maybe an idea is to just remove the estate for haud and lakota and then have the tribal market be the lategame gold as well, so after the gold mine expires it starts gathering at estate rate (plus the bonus)

It makes gathering near goldmines a bonus rather then a requirement

also buff the rate to like 20% bonus instead of the current 10%

I hardly see them, and when I do it’s usually the cheese strategy where they send the card to give the explorer mega siege attack and then burn down all your houses early.

They really need to revert the tribal market for them and make the alternative mining a Lakota only thing. The Iroquois had no taboos against mining like the Lakota did.


isso mesmo antigamente a card de redução de carregamentos de suporte era 75% mais barata havia um forma de ter recursos, militares e aldeões decentes mais agora a carta so da 25% e continua muito cara as card de suport

i cant believe this still isnt fixed, it was reported in bugs nearly a year ago

i know a fabulous streamer who his main civ is Haudenosaunee and who play a lot Haudenosaunee


I play haud a lot, and Kevin too, best haudenosaunee of the world imo.


Haud is the most boring civ in the game imo, lack of eco upgrades I don’t like either and no artillery before industrial.

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Idk i find them one of the better infantry civs to play, there is something satisfying about getting that infantry mass with like 4 upgrade cards that just walks into a base and kill everything, and you can do it while pressuring

Personally, I think Haudenosaunee is one of the best civs in the game, with a wide variety of strategical options up its sleeve. It’s simply one of a kind with each game being played differently. Just watch Kevin, Mitoe, and EliteRiflemean and you’ll know how powerful it can be in the right hands.

However, it can deal a devastating blow to your confidence and quickly put you on an L streak simply because barring Aztecs, Haudenosaunee is undoubtedly the hardest civ to play. Not something I’d recommend to a newer player. But that is exactly why I respect a good Haudenosaunee opponent.

They are anything but that. They are a low eco civ (barring water), but have a really nice tempo in age 2 and 3, especially with superior skirms and tanky cav in 3.

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They are not terribly common but do show up time to time

I would play them a lot more, but the guy with all the red paint in the home city haunts my dreams.

I love all the mantlets, they’re probably my favorite unit in the whole game. Many a game have been won with a well timed huron mantlet shipment.

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