Where are the players?

I was under the impression that AoE 2 DE was going to be immensely popular… But whenever I log in to multiplayer there are like 10-15 lobbies of unranked games to choose from? Are the majority of people playing Ranked and I cant see because its just auto-matchmaking or is there somewhere to play the game like Voobly that’s packed with players?


Hi @DirtyBirdKoobs, There are both players playing ranked games and players playing single player campaigns or other custom single player games which you do not see on the unranked game browser.

I only care about single player. So, you won’t see me.

The game is bugged, don’t know how popular Voobly is.
But the last time I checked I couldn’t join any public games.
So no point in trying then.

Servers arent totally fixed yet, I cant see all the lobbies too

12k current players (only on steam) and lobby browser never show more than 15 lobbies available. Spectator browser also hardly surpass 20 games available to watch.

I could be very wrong, but I just can’t understand how this is a reasonable explanation for those numbers.

Only one way to find out really.

The servers are utterly and completely broken. Try making a game and you will see that most of the time, no one joins and your game is not visible in the lobby.

When the game finally does fill, in nearly 100% of cases someone will be disconnected or their game will crash to desktop. There’s no point even trying to play the game really until the servers are fixed.

Yeah, at the moment, the lobby system is completely broken. Yesterday I created games and no one would join. This can be fixed by creating games again, it’s like a lottery, 1 in 5 times, the game would be visible, and the room would be full in 5 seconds lol.
Please fix this, as this functionality is very important for casual gamers. I can’t imagine them sticking around for too long, if they can’t play any games.


Could also be numbers are down as a number of users are unable to download either AoE or AoE II DE games due to a Microsoft store issue failing to dish out the license that has been ongoing since the most recent store update

Haven’t had any issue in rank yet