Where can i donate to AOE3 Devs?

I really enjoy AOE3DE and the support it recieves, so i wondered if there is a way to support the devs?
Is there a patreon or a other site where you can donate? (i already bought the DLCs)


Honestly thank you devs for putting so much attention to aoe3 that’s why I buy all dlc even if I don’t really play those new civs much. I would be down to support a patreon or something like that.


Buy the xbox pass and play aoe3 with it.

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Just play the game and be involved with the community. :slight_smile:
Money can go to better causes than a game. If you’re really looking for something else you can buy to support the game then you can pick up the soundtrack on steam though.


A few of us requested an artbook since this game does have such beautiful art. Nothing has come of it yet but FE did see my tweet and we’ve discussed this right here.

Just play the game, give the devs some positive reinforcement, be civil with critiques, and show enthusiasm and appreciation for the work they’ve put into the game so far.

I love the fact our little playerbase is so appreciative of the work that has gone into this game we’re willing to finance it even further. Such a dedicated family. I think the devs have taken notice. :slight_smile:

That being said I’d be down for supporting them on patreon or something similar


you can gift me mexico, with this way you support devs and make me happy :smile: :smiley:


Here is there address, you can send them fan mail or gifts I guess.

Tantalus Media
12 Spring Street
VIC 3065

You can buy the legacy artbook. It is still pretty bangin! Craig mullins artwork is so good.

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So… the next civ is Australia? (to continue with the trend of “Civs that nobody expects”)

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i think they have done a good job, but definitely they must work harder and i would help to donate too.

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Buy the game for friends on Steam! The devs get money and you might get a friend to play the game.


I don’t think devs get any money from sales. They have a fixed price rolling contract with Microsoft. At some point Microsoft will decide to stop further development and switch to support only.

:joy: sure, send me a dm with your steamname / code.

(He is the only one getting a dlc from me :wink:)


Honestly the best way to support the community is probably by bringing new people into it. So go around and gift copies of the game, host small tournaments for the game, etc…


exacto! empezar a ser propaganda del age 3, nos toca a nosotros como comunidad hacer grande al age of empires 3!


Hmm is this for real? I’ll check and verify this. Otherwise, yeah I really do wish I could gift $ by Patreon or just random gifts to AOE3DE devs. Really, they’re doing amazing! Really would wish to support them more.