Where can i find information about civilizations and units of AOE DE? (such as an online guide)

the fact is that I have played mostly on AOE mithology/titans and AOE III.
I don’t remember much about AoE and AOE2 but absolutely i don’t want give any advantage of my older brother. :slight_smile:
is there an online guide that i can briefly read for knowing more about the civilization’s characteristics and units?
thank you in advance!!!

You can always go to the Age of Empires Wikia and look for the informations. But if there is any new bonuses or features in DE, we would not know it yet until it is released…

All technologies and civ bonuses can be found here:

  • for the strategy, well it is a lot like any other AOE. Go for the food early on and gold is for later stages of the game.
  • gold usage start at bronze age. Go for the mining of gold same time as you go for bronze age. (upgrade to bronze cost only food) Gold need depends highly on the civ you are using.
  • Stone is mainly used for wall/towers. Slinger (tool age unit) is only unit using Stone. If you don’t attack early on or do not build walls/towers then the 150 stone is enough for the early on. 10 slingers is enough for defense. 10 stone/slinger +50 stone for the technology that gives +1 attack/+1 range to slinger. If you need more units at early then you most likely need other units, unless the enemy is attacking with only bowmen’s.
  • Technologies have huge impact on units effectiveness. If you build more than 8 unit then you should also
    research any technology that has impact on them (apart the very expensive gold upgrade at iron age).
  • Stone age/Tool age units can’t be upgraded at Bronze/iron age (apart from all units effecting bonuses), so don’t start the army creation at Tool age if you are not gonna use units on tool age.

Hidden bonuses:

  • Chariot Archers and Scythe chariots have bonus resistant and damage against priests.
  • Scythe chariot and war elephant have trample damage.
  • Camel rider has damage bonus against all mounted units. (includes ranged mounted units)