Where did everyone go?

According to steam charts, AoE2 has been losing players since the beginning of 2021

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The Vaccine, people is slowly lefting the isolation, yet COVID is still a big problem.
Don’t worry the numbers will rise again once DoTD is released.


I personally just got bored of the game. I play some other stuff. Too few viable civs/variety. Come back to AoE2 only for chill games with friends.


AoE2:DE has been losing players since teamgames are a total mess.


I don’t think TGs are the reason, since like 60%-70% of players mostly go for SP


All games lost players compared to last year, but aoe is losing more, the reason is simple the multiplayer Team Games experience is merely garbage.

The upcoming dlc isn’t going to boost the activity, only for youtubers, but with their way of messing with the balance it might affect more the remaining players having to deal once more with OP civs, newer bugs, etc, i am not interested in buying more civs and that feeling is stronger in old players.


EW TG rating is ■■■■.

PS too lazy to spend 15 min on dark age + 10 min in the queue (cause some pieces of ■■■■ do alt+f4).


I have to agree with others that the main problem right now is difficulties with multiplayer, which is hurting the playerbase. However, SP is still going to do just fine, and lot’s of people play only SP (I did for years before trying MP).

This game has survived with far fewer players for decades so even if MS decides dedicated servers aren’t worth their trouble anymore (which I don’t think will happen any time soon) something like Voobly can just take over again. I expect AOE4 might bring in some new players who will also check out AOE2, but either way itll be fine


Got sick of smurfs or I could just be bad


i only left cuz team games arnt good anymore


There was just a big influx due to covid. A game like AoE II did benifit a bit more of this then other games, since many non gamers still know the game from the past. Next to the issues of the TG ladder, i expect many SP players leaving the game.

It is also summer for many players. As result many game a lot less compared to the winter. This is also a reason why the number of players decrease. Going forward to the winter the numbers probably will grow again a little bit. At least that is what i expect.


I would suggest that the ranked games allow to win by wonders or relics and that they be only 5, whether you play 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4.
I think the main reason is that most current players play a game as long as it’s new, so much now they expect AoE IV.

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Can you explain why we should have win by wonders or relics? It isnt the standard settings for years and years, but it also wont really change much games at all. So changing it wont really change much.

I also think AoE 4 wont really be that popular as AoE2. Even some pros have said that: It will be a good game, but it wont be of the level of AoE 2. So i am not really sure if many players are really waiting for AoE 4.

Hi, because it adds another way to play, that is to say that in a disputed game a team can build a wonder and plan how to defend it to win. What’s more, from the start of the game a team can plan to win by wonder or relics and therefore develop a strategy.

Yes, AoE 4 will not be as popular as the II but will be a new game, so you will have more players until the novelty passes.


Guys, it is not team games, the MP community is only a quarter or so of the playerbase, most are singleplayer

The game is simply tiring due to the imbalance of civilizations and the abusive spam of siege machines that break the game experience, basically it is to choose a civilization with siege onager, you make about 30 and you beat anyone the game does not make sense.

I must agree that multiplayer isn’t what it used to be. I wish for a team game system revamp.

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It’s a 20 year old game, definite or not, still same. People get bored, looking for something new. Hopefully some will still come back from time to time to play a, round for the next decades. Just not as main game anymore or only for a phase.


How about creating some canons? Build 5-10 of them and they will destroy all the enemy siege machines coz of their higher range…

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I’ve lost interest long time ago because the gameplay is just totally outdated and quickly got boring.
It was basically nostalgia that made me buy AoE2 DE in the first place.