Where did my AoE2:DE settings and scenarios go?

I got a new (Lenovo) laptop earlier this year. It took a very frustrating week to get AoE2 and AoE2:DE installed and running, plus get my custom scenarios recognized. Then i played several dozen solo games over several month. Then i got busy and couldn’t play for 2 months.
So today i tried to play AoE2:DE. Whoa, suddenly “XBOX” wants me to prove i’m me. I never had to deal with XBOX before. And now, when i enter that PIN, DE opens like a fresh install, all of my settings back to “factory”, none of my custom scenarios available. It’s like i’m in a whole 'nother version of DE.
And then i tried the AoE:Conquerors which also used to work, click “Yes” for “do you want this app from an unknown publisher to change…”, and nothing happens. I’m lost to the AoE universe.
To be clear, everything else on my PC is working fine, and i’ve done nothing which should account for either AoE version to go south.
Any help appreciated.