Where did the "Rock (Gold)" and "Rock (Stone)" go on the Editor?

I think the only item that was missed out from DE was the Palace with which we were able to choose any design of Wonders regardless of the civ.

However, I think I found some other two: Rock (Gold) and Rock (Stone). These items have the Rock appearance, but are able to be mined by Villagers like regular Gold Mines and Stone Mines.

For your information, one case of the Rock (Stone) is still there on the Scenario 5 of Gajah Mada. Nevertheless, I can’t find it on the Editor. Did the devs exclude it on DE?

Both these rocks and the palace are still in the game, but hidden in the editor (you can check this in AGE). Don’t know why they hid them.

If you want them in your scenario, you can unhide them from the editor in AGE. It should also work to mapcopy them in from a scenario that has them like the Gajah Mada scenario you mention