Where do community members post their build orders?

There is no good place to look for build orders, nor is there a good place for members of the community to share their build order if they dont have a ytube/large following. Yes, people like Hera or morleygames releases a new BO and he puts it on his ytube. But average members of the community don’t have a great place to put their own build orders. There are https://aoecompanion.com/community-builds and Build Order Guide but like there are absolutely no recent posts there. Is it just reddit? But reddit is so disorganized and a pain to go through.

Do you think the forum should have a build-order section? I was going to originally post an FC BO for poles on Fortress (which is in team game ranked pool)).(22pop, no loom FC)Here if anyone wants to see it. But I literally didnt see any build orders shared so I decided not to since I didn’t know if people really shared those here.