Where is AOE on the inside?


I’m dreaming! We are being announced an inside Xbox with an AOE segment. In an official article for the 1-year AOE DE. So necessarily have is very hype especially that it was confirmed @klobrille an insider!

With even a take over of Relic.

But what do we have? Nothing!?

I’m sorry but it’s outrageous more than the tease was removed from the site article. And the official Twitter account saying that reported. You thing that not much time we wait, for just one information.
Error? Technical problem during the live already well missed and too much short? Communication problem?

I invite you to debate but remained quiet anyway. I remind you that this same @klorbille a tease of AOE 4 at E3 https://twitter.com/klobrille/status/1102505889985110017?s=20
and that Master Chief on Steam can help us too!

And sorry for my traductiom, I’m French :slight_smile:

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