Where is Gisela?

I played the Siege of Vilnius scenario of the Jadwiga campaign. I had to save it and quit because I couldn’t find Gisela, the Teutonic deserter’s wife, anywhere! I need to find her to be able to have the location of all the supply carts so I can finally win the scenario. The in-game instructions were not helpful, and neither was the wiki. I’ve looked for her everywhere and I can’t find her. If someone can attach a picture of the minimap showing exactly where she’s located, that would be immensely helpful.

It’s in the Wiki:

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Yeah, I know. I read that. It still didn’t help. I have no idea where she is.

You can also quit the game, check the map, and come back.



HOW did I not find her???

She’s in the middle of the woods that have sort of a cave-like shape, so it’s not easy.

Something I noticed playing the Attila campaign is that forests in the first campaigns were designed simpler.

Back then you had a large mass of trees grouped together or even circling the whole map. They were like oceans or lakes.


This is one of several things I don’t like about this scenario. I don’t mind a hide-and-seek quest in general, but in the context of a scenario that is otherwise quite time-sensitive, I find it kind of annoying.