Where is my beta key?

I have signed up, haven’t received.

I think i might of gone onto the whole sign up thing again accidentally awhile ago. I hope this didn’t BUG me off the beta sign up somehow , listing my details etc as blank again.

2nd time around.

Beta key pleaseee thanks.

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I think they don’t give the Key to everyone.
only a few will get them.

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Please gimme beta key Microsoft, I will test game out on higher end. My mate who has less aoe hours than me got one >.< . I got a beast machine to !

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how can you know if you got one?

Meant to go to your email i guess. And will show up

Same to me, I get the email that says I’m part of tthe group who gets beta acess to multiplayer but I don’t get de key until now

Me too … let’s be patient there will be more sessions I hope.

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I want a key too, .D

Be patient young ones

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thats unfair, the one who play the most should have it.

btw just wanna point out but you dont have insiders as a tag which indicates you have not signed up.

Are you able to access the beta forum?

Should be. Everyone just has to wait