Where is Squires and CA buff everyone was talking about?

Man i really wanted squires to be buffed to 15% as we don’t see infantry often. I know it will mean celt nerf but same was done with supplies slavs and goths so…
Also if CA frame delay was reduced, we could see more of them too. Sad these didn’t happen.
And Indians sucks btw. I thought they would do something to compensate for losing armor from cavalry but that is straight up nerf to no knight, no arbalester, no good seige, no good water, no good infantry civ. I mean what are they good at? Booming but no strong military whats the point? Sling?


Indians were dominant in TG, instead of 1v1.
Squire buff would prompt a lot of people crying for massive eagle nerf.
CA frame delay buff would be a massive nerf to all civs eco cause raiding is more effective.

Anyway 95% of conversations about cav archers are based about feelings and placebo effect, I bet people would be able to call any CA change a nerf.

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honestly seen a bit of CA recently and its use in those situations, combined with the no buff this patch kind of confirms my feelings.
the CA is intended to be a unit that you slow roll into when you got the upgrades rolling.


they could buff squire and reduce eagle speed, not an big issue

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