Where is the Friends List/Social system improvement

There is no reason a friends list should not be a feature in the game. Does this have something to do with Microsoft-vs-Steam thing? If so, that is just obnoxious. It is borderline impossible to find and add someone to play with them, if you had previously. It should be very simple. Clans are utterly worthless, especially considering you can only be in one.

Recently played with also does not always show everyone you’ve played with. In fact it usually only shows the people I played AGAINST and not with. What’s the deal?


Fully agree - the social aspects of the game are severely lacking. I don’t think it’s all because of Steam vs Microsoft, as the banlist allows both. Sending invites also allows both, afaik.

But if you wanted to add someone on Steam, then it’s a nightmarish affair. At least aoe2net is back up, so you can get the link to their Steam profile from game history. It shouldn’t be that clunky just to add someone, though.

I’d also add that if you did find people to play with, especially ranked, then that itself is an obnoxious ordeal. There is no way to chat while in queue, you actually have to use Steam to actually talk to your friends about which maps to ban, favourite, etc… Why!!!

This just makes the game extremely painful to actually play with friends. Please improve the social side of the game, devs!