Where is the PUP for the AOE4 MICROSOFT owners?

¿Why you choose to give exclusive previews to steam and not other platforms?

If we knew that preference before maybe we could make another decision about where to buy it .

Please at least let us know if there are plans to launch these previews to other platforms.


This is unacceptable, to be honest.

If I was on Steam, I wouldn’t be this annoyed if they prioritized Xbox Game Pass / Microsoft Players as it is their own platform, after all. But prioritizing Steam OVER your own platform, and no news of when it will be coming available nor any way to access the Steam PUP… now that is not cool.

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Microsoft should of made it a free week for anyone to try the patch on steam and advertised it. Would of gave a lot of new players a chance to try the game

Plus advertise the n4c tourny in game. Would of been alot of exposure for aoe4

I was sad but its probably because steam has easy mod integration. I could be wrong though.

At the end of the day steam users paid for the game, most of us gamepass users got it ‘free’ with gamepass.

Unfortunately no facility exists. Bill Gates needs to hire Gaben to code for him :slight_smile:

Its is not possible to use such PUP or beta on Microsoft Store

Pretty sure I’ve seen other games do this, like PUBG did. Just make it a separate game.

I’m playing this through game pass, even with that id be happy to pay for new civs down the road, but paying for the game on steam to participate in the pup is pretty lame, especially with this being a 1st party Xbox game.

So You know when we get PUP in Windows Store too?