Where should I buy the Definitive editions of the AOE games, as an insider?

As a fan/player who wants to be “in” on the development of Age of Empires titles. Where should i buy the games, on Steam or Microsoft Store? Users of which platform have a greater voice, or “ear” of the developers, the creative minds behind the games. I am currently planning to buy AOE DE, and want to participate in AOE 3 DE and AOE4 development as a community member.

I don’t think it matters where you buy it, it’s about the quality of your feedback.

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Can you also guide me if there is a performance difference between how well the game runs on different platforms. Microsoft store is owned by Microsoft so i was thinking if it will be more integrated with the Windows10 and my hardware, than steam version would be?

Which store you use doesn’t affect performance in a big way. If you don’t use something like an overlay, it doesn’t affect performance at all. It’s actually better for performance to run the game without any other applications.

OS (Windows/Linux, yeah you can run Age on Linux too) also matters, but I don’t know how - it’s hard to measure and depends on the specific Linux too. Probably not much. When you don’t use Linux, doesn’t matter anyway.

Really, the only thing you need to be worried about is your hardware. Use the store that’s more comfortable for you.

What I think should be noted - I have the feeling that the games run technically more reliable under MS Store than under Steam. However, functionally Steam is much better. With Age1 at least, the invite function in the MS Store does not work at all (if Age1 is relevant now). There is also no watch function as with Steam. In my experience, updates for the respective games are always available a bit earlier in the MS store.

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