Where the devs get the feedback from?

I’d like to share some feedback from the game, but i would like to write it in a place where the devs can read and actually change the game.

Things like, make the siege don’t move after you press V, even if the target is far away (or implement agressive or passive); when u press F1(all military buildings), the all tab actually appears the most important units (it’d be great if you could pre set the units you want to bind, each according to the buildings selected); make the side buttons from the mouse actually work for binding (mousebutton4, mousebutton5) and more…

Is the forum where they mainly get the feedback from?

In theory it should be these forums. The depressing reality? Probably these forums, but we will never really know, because they don’t often comment on general topics. If you have a bug report on the other hand? Still, posting here has the best chance of it being seen. Just for clarification: I’m talking about the discussion section of the game, when I say forum, the bug report section gets more attention.

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